2013 Movies Reviews In Facebook


These are my reviews back in 2013.  Forgive me if these are not done well as these are just me starting out on this.  I hope you bear with me, and enjoy me past reviews.

Review of the current movie I watched (Oz: The Great and Powerful)

Pros: The climax, the makeup (especially the Wicked Witch), resemblance of the Wizard of Oz.
Cons: Overuse of CG (except for the China girl), Oz’s ladies-man routine, most comedic routes

Overall: It is fine; recommended mostly for Wizard of Oz fans and children.

Watched G.I. Joe Retaliation.
My opinion:

Pretty good action scenes
Snake Eyes and Storm Shadows
Many costume designs like Cobra Commander

Unexplained plot points
Opening sequence
Inconsistent to G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra

It is OK; still undecided whether or not it is better than the first.

Review of the film: 42

Great characters
Great motivations
Great story and plot

Kind of wished for an extended ending
Confused relationship between Jackie and his girlfriend when they are married (this con was removed as the movie was progressing)
…That is it.

Overall: I LOVE THIS MOVIE! GO WATCH IT! (if you do not mind some offensive moments (i.e. n word))

Review of Iron Man 3

Nice physical and emotional dilemmas.
Very funny.
Nice twist.

Need explanation on how Tony Stark managed to use himself as a magnet to retrieve his armor (Scientific Explanation please…).
I would list this one, but it is a spoiler, so hopefully you will figure it out. Here is a hint: the Mandarin.
How does Stark not die from falling and crashing into many areas?

Overall: Better than Iron Man 2, but not as good as the first Iron Man. Still recommend watching it.

Review of The Great Gatsby:
(Keep in mind, it has been a while since I read the book, so I do not remember everything in the source material)

Very close to the book
Last half of the film is well done
Tobey Maguire and Leonardo Di Caprio are great in their roles

Weird choices of songs
Imagery over SYMBOLISM!!!
Nauseating first half of the film with camera shifts and bright areas

Many elements of the film is very similar to another film: Moulin Rouge. Makes sense since this is same director of that film. Pretty nice adaption of the book, but I recommend reading the actual book.

Also, anyone of my high school friends who is a friend with Mrs. Cardoza, let me know if she likes it or not.

(To give context on this review, this is when I had a class involving Japanese anime.  I made a post on a one-sentence review of each anime film I watched, and did it as a joke.  Here is the actual serious review.)  

To be fair, my last review post was a joke review. Here is my actual fair review of each of the anime films:

1.) Tale of Genji: The main lead is so unlikable, I am surprised that he did not get kicked out of his kingdom earlier. I do not like it.
2.) Princess Mononoke: Interesting environmental message and plot. Not bad.
3.) Sakuran: I would like the film more if the main female lead escaped from her prostitution prison, and managed to move on with her life. Not recommended.
4.) Grave of the Fireflies: It is a such a sweet and sad tale of the two siblings in Japanese-torn World War II. Check it out if you want to cry.
5.) The Heisei War of the Badger Dogs: Interesting conflict between past-cultural raccoons and suburban Japan. Pretty good.
6.) Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below: I LOVE THIS MOVIE! Great message and atmosphere in this film. Highly recommended.
7.) Summer Wars: I love the idea of family bondage in times of crisis: Check it out with a family if they do not mind some cheesiness.
8.) Spirited Away: Cool world and conflict. Good to see.
9.) Akira: There are some confusing moments especially in the ending, but it is a fine popcorn flick. Recommend seeing it once.
10.) Ghost in the Shell: I do not understand what is going; it is a very confusing story. Avoid it.
11.) Metropolis: Cool world, story, and characters. See it to believe it.
12.) Paprika: The weirdest out of all them, this film deserves the record of What the Heck is Going On!?

There we go. My actual reviews of all the anime films I have seen in my anime class.

Review of Star Trek: Into Darkness:

Likable main and major characters
Very interesting and intimidating villain
Nice special effects

*Slight Spoiler* The film tries to be like Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, but fails
One certain emotional scene is ruined by a very cheesy moment
Wasted potential of story and villain

I am disappointed with this film, and it could have been better with careful planning and plotting. I am just going to watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan or Star Trek (2009)

Review of After Earth:

Environments and Design
Good acting, particularly on Jaden Smith
Great CG

The villain is… a Sinestro Corp-like monster? Huh?
So no fear makes a person bland and unemotional
Cannot feel the father-son chemistry between the two Smiths, because of Will Smith’s character

I do not hate nor like this film, so I will just say if you can tolerate some of the ridiculous moments, it is…adequate.

(Much later…)

I probably should take some of things from After Earth back…

Review of Now You See Me:

Great All-Star cast
Nice magic tricks
Somewhat interesting twist

Why are the FBI agents so dumb?
Pointless and dumb romantic subplot
The four main magicians do not get enough screen time

I found myself entertained and the film is enjoyable. Better than After Earth.

OK, I have been thinking about this, but I will also make mini-reviews of video games I have received and played along the way recently alongside movies I recently seen.

So, here is the first mini-review: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Great fighting system
Excellent story
Plenty to do in the game, particularly the STARS Lab

Oh my word, what is with the alternate versions of Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman? (you will know when you see them)
Fighting can a bit stiff sometimes
Not much content when compared to Netherrealm’s Studios last game: Mortal Kombat

Not a bad fighting game with DC characters and I do recommend it. If any one of you guys try to dare challenge for me in a battle, I can guarantee that you… will… kick my butt very easily.

Review of This Is The End:

Interesting cameos… Um, there is Emma Watson
A bit of a redeemable third act
Lesson of friendship…

…that could have worked if it were not the fact that these people are so unlikable
Very rude and crude humor
Exposition film

I hope these actors are not like that in real life. Besides that, while it has its own “charm,” I cannot recommend this movie to anyone unless you want a headache like I did.

Since I just watched this twice, here is the review of Man of Steel:

The human side of Superman
Christ-like symbolism
The overall lesson of this film

Jumbled story
Too much CGI that can go right into your face
Undeveloped characters

I stated this last time: the film is decent, but not “super.”

Review on World War Z:

Brad Pitt’s charm IS in this movie
Very intimidating zombies
Second half of the film is the best part

Shaky camera on most action parts of the film
Did not understand what the characters are saying on the first half of the film (could be my fault)
The zombies lose some of their intimidation factors by the way they act without attacking anyone

Not a bad zombie film, but I do not call it scary. If you want a better zombie flick, watch The Walking Dead.

Review of The Heat:

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are a good comedic duo.
Comedy is pretty good
Decent action

Comedy can go too far in some cases with crude and rude jokes.
Typical and predictable
…That is it.

Pretty funny comedy film, but I recommend only one watch unless you really like these type of films.

Review of The Lone Ranger:

Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp are great in their roles of the Lone Ranger and Tonto.
That scarred villain is intimidating and cool.
Cool action scenes…

…that are too far apart between bland scenes and story.
They say that the Lone Ranger cannot be killed…maybe it is because these guys cannot freaking shoot him.
This movie is too long and boring.

I think I will watch the original Lone Ranger if I have the time over this boring movie. Also, next time get an actual Native American actor instead of Johnny Depp to play Tonto.

Review of Prometheus:

I know; this movie came out two years ago, but since I just recently watched it, I might as well review since I feel like it. Also, it has been a long time since I seen the Alien movies, so I have little memory on what is in continuity or not.

All the actors are great, especially Michael Fassbender
Really good CG
Interesting monsters

Can be a bit boring at times
Pointless characters (face it, you know the majority of them are going to die)
Many retcons on Aliens and Predators

Decent film, but I now feel like watching the original Alien films.

Also, since I am at it, I might as well review movies that already came out to DVDs, but I have not seen yet. That is, if I feel like it.

Review on Pacific Rim:

CG is excellent.
The monsters and robots are well designed and drawn-out
Battle scenes are exciting and thrilling..

Not that interesting story.
It takes it time by giving backstory to the characters while we wait for the monster fights.
The government abandons the robots by defending from the monsters with…guess. The answer is huge walls. Dumbest plan ever.

While not perfect, I enjoy this film so much. Cannot wait for the Godzilla remake.

Review on The Wolverine:

Pretty good CG.
It takes in Japan. That is what I LOVE about it.

Some things are not well elaborated.
*MINOR SPOILER* Wolverine seems to take so many bullets despite losing his healing factor.
I cannot take certain action scenes seriously if these guys think they can kill a man with a mutant healing factor.

Not bad. It is much better than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and it is worth watching if you have nothing else to watch.


Review of Elysium:

Established world and characters.
Nice CG, especially on the robots.
Jodie Foster is clearly the best actor out of all of the others.

How does that healing machine work?
Shaky cam is never cool.
Sorry Sharlto Copley, but Jodie Foster complete beats you on the villain scale.

Adequate film, but I can think of other films that are better.


Review on Jobs:

Ashton Kutcher is surprisingly amazing as Steve Jobs.
Very inspirational.
Very emotional scenes.

Not bothered to explain why Steve Jobs has to walk weirdly (due to cancer).
Someone please some of the techno-babble here.
Editing and structure can be weird at times.

I did not expect this film to be good, but it is surprisingly well-made. I really enjoyed, and I am currently thinking about using a Mac right now.

Remember when I said I would do video game reviews. Well, I save those for a special occasion when the time comes.

Review of Kick-$%& 2:

Shows the consequences of being a superhero.
Pretty funny if your into that type of comedy.
Fight sequences are well-done.

Can be pretty offensive and disgusting.
Probably a bit too long.
*Minor spoilers* Want to get rid of Kick-#@$’s girlfriend from the first film, make her have a misunderstanding and never be seen again.

The movie did its job, but it is not for me. If I want a very good superhero film, I will watch the majority of the Marvel and DC films. If I want an antihero film, I will watch the Punisher.


Review of The Butler:

Historical crossovers with the story.
Good contrasts between the butler and his son’s actions.
Um… that is it.

It is…a little boring since it does not bring anything interesting or new in this film.
If this was based on a real person, why do they not actually use his actual name?
Introduction is rushed.

I am going to admit that I am a little tired of these types of films. I will just watch 42 instead since it is exciting and interesting. Speaking of which, I need to find the DVD of 42.


Review of The World’s End:

Great story and characters.
Surprisingly deep message.
Very funny.

Slow at first (It is used to develop character)
I think drinking at 12 pubs would kill you.
Man, that is messed up on what happen to those people that were kidnapped (you will find out when you watch it).

This is a very funny and great story. Great way to end the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy; I will take this over This Is The End any day.


Review of The Grandmaster:

Well done fight scenes
Great settings
…That is it

Slow and boring
More dramatic than kung fu, and the drama is barely interesting
Too many close-ups and slow shots

This movie is surprisingly underwhelming, and that is disappointing. I expected more from this film, but from what they have, it did not hold for me.


Review of Instructions Not Included:

Great father-daughter chemistry.
In fact, the child actress was not bad herself.
Very funny (although some jokes require you to know some movies).

Some jokes would probably be more funny if you know Spanish.
Not really original, but it still works.
Um…that is it.

A story about a father and daughter may not exactly be new or original, but what it has is heartwarming and entertaining not only to the Hispanic community, but to everyone else.


Review of The Family:

Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tommy Lee Jones done well on their roles.
The evil henchmen are very interesting (more interesting than the actual family)
Got to spend enough time with the main family…

…Probably a bit too long, because the interesting conflict does not truly start until the third act.
For a family that is under witness protection, they do a horrible job maintaining their cover… and it is only comes up on one conflict.
I do not think a French person would like watching this.

The Family is only worth one watch either in theaters or on Netflix. Only good enough if you have time to waste and some laughs.


Review of Prisoners:

All the actors do well in their parts
I love a good mystery film
Well-done tense atmosphere

A bit long, but still worth it
I am pretty sure one of the rules of police work is having a partner with you at all times, Jake
With a few exceptions, I only recall the characters with the actors’ names

If you want a good mystery and tense film with following the law vs. taking things to your own hands, this is a film just for you. You just have to deal with a movie for being a bit long.


Review of Rush:

Great rival chemistry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt
Very tense races
Interesting moral choices between the two racers

Shameful sex moments
I am sorry, but I can barely tell what Niki Lauda is saying. Look at it this way: he is not Christian Bale’s Batman.
…That is it.

If you are into racing, a huge rivalry, a story that is very close to its true source, then this is a film for you guys. However, I will admit that I prefer Prisoners over Rush due to mystery over racing.


Review of….(groan)…. Review of…. Don Jon:

All the actors did well on their parts.
Um…good camera work?
Eh…Nice editing?
(Honestly, I would mention some of the “pros,” but I would end up spoiling the film.)

Very unsubtle on the porn videos!
Very unsubtle on the sex scenes!
Very unsubtle on almost everything in this film! Comedy through sex and porn is never good in my book!

I admit the reason why I watched this film is because the trailer was actually one of the most well-constructed film trailers I ever seen. I hoped the film would be subtle on the porn videos (only showing their females’ faces), but NOOOOO! They actually bothered to show many of the ladies’ front views (at least they did not show the guys’ privates). This movie is insulting for people like me (if you are into it, I am not going to judge you). I spent some time of the film placing my hood over my eyes not just for those scenes, but also on some flashy moments that occur on Don Jon. I have a headache. If I was unfair, I would have given this film a 1/10, but I am not unfair. This film gets a 7/10. If you can TOLERATE any of the stuff I mentioned, you may actually get through watching this film. If you cannot, watch something better. Now you EXCUSE ME, I planning to watch Gravity later.

Review of Gravity (in IMAX 3D):

Very tense and suspenseful; gives you the reason why space is dangerous.
Acting is legitimate: fear and calm reactions.
Very impressive CG. The 3D is well implemented.

I sometimes wonder if the actors are in CG.
I do not know why, but I did not feel claustrophobic until halfway through the movie.
Minor complaints not worth mentioning.

This suspenseful film gives a good reason why space is dangerous, and I love it. Much better than DON JON!


Review of Machete Kills:

All the actors have put great charm in their characters
Action can be impressive and ridiculous
The characters are interesting…

…Shame that those characters are wasted
These soldiers have worse aim than the Stormtroopers
Shameful sequel-bating. I probably would not mind if the film did not have a terribly-executed plot.

This film is dumb. Really dumb. It is not even so dumb, it is awesome. It could have been at least interesting, but it is not worth your time. I have not seen the first film, so that probably did not help. Try watching something else ridiculous yet cool.


Review of Captain Phillips:

Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi are the best actors in the film.
Can be very intense.
The story is well-done; making you care about Captain Phillips…

…Shame that he is not portrayed right when compared to the real Captain Phillips.
I am not a fan of the shaky cam. In fact, I felt a little sick after leaving the theater.
Surprisingly a little slow.

I am bit conflicted with this film. It is well-done, but I do not like it when films based on true events have to portray the events wrong (i.e. Patch Adams). The film shows Captain Phillips as someone who cares about his crew, but the real Captain Phillips is actually a huge jerk, and it was his fault that he let the pirate attack happen since he knew it ahead of time, but ignored it. It also did not help that I felt a little sick from the shaky cam. The actual crew of the MV Maersk Alabama confessed that the film is not true, and they did not like it. As a film, I would give it a 9/10, but as a film based on true events, it gets a 6.8/10. I would like it more if it was more closer to the source material, but it did not.

Review of The Counselor:

Michael Fassbender and Cameron Diaz are the best actors in the film
Clever symbolism
…That is it

Can be surprisingly violent at some points
Cameron Diaz and the car scene…you will know if you see it
…That is it

I will admit one thing: I barely paid any attention to this film, because it is not that interesting to me. It was so boring, I had to look up the summary in Wikipedia to get the idea what happened in the film. There are some good things, but not enough to give me attention. Now, I feel like I need to go to bed. I hope to find a more interesting film next week.


(For this review and the later ones, I was dared by my sister to watch and review ALL of the Twilight movies.)  

Here I go… I am going to review ALL of the Twilight films. I hope I can handle this. Any fans of Twilight, I apologize in advance in case if you do not like what I am going to say. Let’s begin with #1.

Review of Twilight:

Interesting atmosphere.
The side actors did a good job.
Setting is good.

Very slow and awkward.
The two main actors do NOT have good and convincing delivery, nor romantic chemistry in that matter.
The conflict does NOT START until I think around the third act.

I will not give my full opinion until I see all of these films, but I can say this: I am going to have a LONG headache.


Review of Escape Plan:

Stallone and Schwarzenegger make a great duo.
The two main leads are what hold this film together.
Pretty good fight scenes…

…Unfortunately, there are not that many fight scenes.
The film does not get THAT interesting until the beginning of the second act.
The villains are so stereotypical, they might as well be cartoon characters.

I did not see any trailers for this film, and to be honest, I am a little disappointed. I expected to be an action-packed film, but what it had is fine by me. I can think of better prison films (i.e. The Shawshank Redemption), but if you do not have anything else better to watch, this film will do.


Top of Form
All right… Review of The Twilight Saga: New Moon:

Side characters are fine… In fact, the only character I really like is Alice Cullen.
The plot is slightly better than the first Twilight….and that is not saying much.
The new character, Jacob is probably better than the two lead actors to the point when even the lead actors themselves did better…

…Unfortunately, it is not much of an improvement since the actors (especially Kristen Stewart) cannot do well in this film like the last one.
Bella Swan has gone beyond the dumb stages in this film.
Almost all the cons of the first film apply to this one as well.

Slightly better film than the last one…and I am being a bit merciful here. I hope do not end up crazy when this is over.


Review of Ender’s Game:

Very well acted, even the child actors did a great job.
Visually stunning.
Pretty good plot twist.

Pretty slow.
The school scenario is a bit boring, but the actors and visuals are what saves it from being dull.
Some things are not well or never explained at all.

I never read the book, so my experience of this film is just… dull. Do not get me wrong; it is not a terrible film at all. The problem is that I do not really get it that much. I do not get how some parts of this world works like that. My sister read the book, and she likes it. She also explained some things from the book, and I understand a little how the world of Ender’s Game works. I can only recommend it to anyone who has read the book. Anyone else may not enjoy as much as the readers have.

Non-readers: 7.5/10

Review of Thor: The Dark World:

Thor and Loki’s interactions are the best interactions in the film.
The battle scenes are great; in fact, they remind of Star Wars.
The set and costume designs are great

The CG and green screen are not exactly the greatest ones I have ever seen.
The main villain is forgettable.
*Spoilers* The final battle is anti-climatic.

Thor: The Dark World is slightly better than its predecessor, but still has a few problems like the last one. Iron Man 3 still tops over this thunder god over quality and fun, so let us see how Captain America will do on his sequel. Until then, this film gets a pass from me.


Now excuse me, I need to prepare for a certain movie I am not going to like.

Here I go…Review of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

The plot is actually a little interesting.
The love triangle subplot is pretty good (if also ridiculous)
The climax is really impressive…

…Too bad I have to go through less than two hours of dull moments.
I have an bigger disrespect for Bella Swan after the love triangle subplot.
Worst Graduation Speech Ever.

This is actually a little better than the last two Twilight films due to a little bit smarter characters and conflict, but I would not give that big of a rating since it still contains the same problems from the other films.


Review of 12 Years A Slave:

Before I begin the review, I am going to stop making hints on the movies I am going to watch, because
a.) I cannot really think of any clever hints
b.) No one seems to respond to my hints

With that said,

Most, if not all the actors of the film did a phenomenal job.
An amazing story, which I heard is very close to the book.
The film does a great job showing many perspectives of slavery (i.e. slavery as a necessary evil, slavery as property, slavery as evil, etc.).

Many crude scenes that has meaning, but it is worth mentioning for those watching.
As with all films about American slavery, many N words.
It takes its time going through all the story, so be patient with it.

This film is amazing. Sure, it is probably like any other slavery film, but what it has is genius. Not only does it show the perspective of Solomon Northup, but also the perspectives of other people’s opinions on slavery. However, this film is not for the faint of heart. It does not hold back on many violent and crude moments on slavery. Check it out if you can handle it, but I do not recommend it for the young and faint of heart.


Man, that movie was awesome. I had a great time. Now, to ruin my time with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1…Crap.

(This brief post is preparation for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.)  

Just watched the first Hunger Games in preparation of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Overall, I like it. The actors, story (even though it is similar to Battle Royale from what I heard), and tension are really good. The only things that I do not like are the shaky camera, underwhelming romance, and little understanding of the world of the Hunger Games (but not to the same point of Ender’s Game). I am looking forward to the sequel.

Review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

Jennifer Lawrence is great as Katniss Everdeen. In fact, she is one of the greatest women leads I have seen so far.
Costume designs are well done (even if some of them are absolutely ridiculous).
Fixed the camera issues from the first film.

The film drags out so long to the point where I almost did not care about it.
I know there is a purpose to this, but I am getting tired of this “love triangle.”
…That is it.

I feel a bit underwhelmed about this movie. The stakes were pretty high, but the payoff seems to only come in until the next film (by the way, the last film will have two parts). I can highly recommend the film to anyone who read the book. For the ones who did not, I can recommend it to them too, but not as a much as the readers. I can wait for the next installment, but for how the movie delivered, not by much.


By the way, for those what my score is for the first Hunger Games, 8.8/10.

Almost there… Review of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1:

…The side characters are really interesting.
Settings look nice.
The first 20 minutes is fine…

…but the conflict does not start until halfway of the film.
The plot point of whose fault of Bella’s pregnancy is stupid.
The birth of Bella’s baby…a little disturbing.

If they have a good reason of splitting this film into two parts, I am not seeing it.


Review of The Book Thief:

Great story and plot.
The narrator is awesome.
All the actors did well, like the main child actress: Sophie Nelisse playing Liesel Meminger…

…but the German child actors are not the best child actors I have ever seen, but they are mostly German, so I cannot really blame them if they are struggling to speak English.
It bothers me when the child characters are meant to be 16 or 20 when they still look 13.
It took weeks for this movie to come to nearby theaters despite it supposed to come out weeks earlier…what in the world?

This is a very heartwarming film that I highly recommend watching…which you should since the only people that I saw watching with me were my mom and some random guy. This film looks like it is going to be underrated, and I am a bit surprised that the reviews of the film is average. I like it. Go watch it when you have the time.


Review of Frozen:

3D animation is excellent and beautiful.
Comedy is well-delivered
Most of the songs are well done, especially from the female leads…

…I say most of the songs, because a couple of the songs are unnecessary and annoying.
Olaf is a little annoying, but not to the point where I do not want him around.
In many ways, it is kind of predictable, but still interesting.

I went to this film not knowing anything about it other than the critics saying it is really good. You know what? They are right. The film is fantastic in its story, characters, and visuals. The world is so immerse and interesting, it would be nice if the world of Frozen can be included in Kingdom Hearts III. Disney should keep making films like these, unlike the other types of film *cough* Planes *cough*. If you enjoy these Disney Renaissance films, this is for you. If you do not like Disney or any fairy tale films, avoid it with you hearts contents, but only after watching it. It is great guys, and it is a good way to start the Christmas cheer.


By the way, a short was put in the film, and it is a good blend between 2D and 3D animation. Also, my cousin, whom she watched with me, said she saw Rapunzel and Tiana in the film for few seconds. I did not see it, so tell if you guys did.

Finally, it is over. Review of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2:

The new side characters are much more interesting than the central characters. Why can’t the movie be about them?
The scene where the vampires teach Bella to act normal… he he.
…That is it.

Worst CGI baby I have ever seen. A great example of the uncanny valley.
It takes a very long time to go to the final battle, and moments before that are barely interesting…
*SPOILERS* Speaking of the final battle, there is none! It just a vision from one of the vampires to another. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?
One more con: *SPOILERS* I do not like the idea of Jacob being with Reneesme in the end.

I am glad I am done watching this series. The only reason I would check this out again is once I am ready with my video reviews (which will be coming soon).


I am going to give my long and full opinionated review of the Twilight Saga later, so stay tune.

You know what, after watching it the second time and thinking it about it, I decide to change the rating for Frozen from 9.8/10 to 10/10. Go watch it

(I watched Frozen four times in theaters.  I love it so much.)

Review of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug:

Very exciting action sequences
Very likable new characters, such as an only film character: Tauriel
Beautiful environments and sets with costume designs and great CG.

Slow beginning
I keep forgetting certain subplots, because the film barely makes time for it
Too much action on the climax makes the situations dull

When I watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, I thought it was underwhelming. It was barely interesting, and it took a long time for me to care about the situation. Not to mention it introduced too many characters too quickly (i.e. the dwarves). In its sequel, it is much better, but there is still some room for improvement. I can wait for the sequel next year, but if you want to watch this film, I do recommend it. It is much better than the first.


For The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 7.8/10.

By the way, for those wondering about my full review of Twilight, I still need more time on that (mainly because I am a little lazy because the films suck so much). You guys can probably help me by giving me links of videos or sites of why people think Twilight is awesome. I prefer it is by people who have not read the books. People who like films despite its problems and read the books does not count. Now excuse me, I going to dread more and more on when Frozen is coming out on DVD. (Seriously, go watch that film. IT IS AWESOME!)

(Note: I never did the full Twilight series review.)

Review of Saving Mr. Banks:

Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, and Colin Firth are the best actors in the movie (along with other certain actors).
The performances make me feel like it actually happened in real life.
A very true and heartwarming story…

…although, not completely since I heard some parts are not true.
Child actors need a little more work.
One certain plot element I wished they explored, but they did not.

It has been a while since I watched Mary Poppins. When I heard a film about its creation is coming, I thought it is going to be interesting. After seeing it, I feel satisfied. I enjoy what I have seen, and I recommend it to everyone, especially adult Mary Poppins fans.


Review of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:

Great cinematography
Great environmental areas
Story is not bad with good morales

It is slow, especially on the first act
The imagination scenes can be over-the-top…
… Especially a scene referencing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button… weird

I am probably giving this film too much credit, but this is probably one of the most thought-provoking films I have ever seen. The main reason is that Walter Mitty is so relatable to me. I have a hard time living in reality as much as he does (for those wondering, “You do not seem to be,” I do a good job not showing it unlike Walter). In the end, this movie is stuck in my head, because of its message and how it executes it. It may not be the greatest film I have ever seen, but I think it is worth a watch at least once.


Review of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues:

It certainly knows how to stay “classy” with its characters.
Interesting choices of actors.
Some jokes are funny…

…While other jokes go on way too long, or are not needed.
The majority of the story is nonsensical except being funny (especially Steve Carrel’s character’s romantic subplot).
It would probably be more funny with a huge crowd laughing along with you (I watched it with four people in the audience).

This movie is stupid, but it realizes it is stupid, and goes all out on us (ESPECIALLY on the climax). It has been a while since I seen the first Anchorman film, but I can say it the second one is not really as good as the first. It will still give some laughs, but I can only recommend it if you have an audience with you. I can say you do not have to watch the first film to understand the second one, although it can help if you want some laughs.


Review of 47 Ronin:

Sets and costume designs are nice
The final battle is good (somewhat)
Hiroyuki Sanada is the best actor of this film…

…Which makes me wonder why Keanu Reeves is advertised and mentioned in-story as the main character when the film does not do a good job showing that. His does little to prove that he is the main character; Sanada’s character is the clear main character. Plus, Reeves is the worst actor in the entire movie.
CG is pretty bad.
Many plot elements are confusing or boring.

Meh. That is all I thought of this movie: meh. I think the film’s biggest failure is that it does not explain the Japanese culture well. I do not understand many of the actions of these characters (i.e. the shogun’s actions). Films like The Last Samurai and The Wolverine did a better job showing Japanese culture from a person who has no idea who they are and what they do. Plus, the film loses a point for adding a fictional person on a historical story: Kai (Keanu Reeves’ character). They must have added him so the American audience can relate to him more, which they failed miserably. I cannot really recommend this movie to anyone, although my mom and dad said they liked this movie, so knock yourself out if you want to watch it and you end up liking it. On the other hand, I cannot agree with them on this.


Review of Lone Survivor:

Great team dynamic
Awesome action confrontations
Mostly true to the real events…

…Which is the reason why I wonder how these guys managed to walk despite severe injuries
Unnecessary amounts of f-bombs
…That is it.

After seeing this, I am never going to forget it. It is not because of the action scenes, but also the brotherhood between the soldiers and one soldier’s survival in this tragic event. If HM1 Marcus Luttrell really wanted to make this film memorable for good reason, he succeeded. Mission accomplished.



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