Benz Eye View: Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland poster
Tomorrowland poster

The world of Tomorrowland looks amazing. The director did a fantastic job making that world so alive (and a certain other mood that I will not spoil) with so many things happening.
The art direction and and sound are impressive in itself. The visual direction is done well enough to make you part of this world (particularly in Tomorrowland).

The antagonist brings up an interesting point and motivation on why he does his own actions (again, I am not going to spoil it).

Honestly, the two main leads are either not interesting or cliched. Not the worst characters I have ever seen, but I would have preferred if Athena is the main character of the movie.
This movie seems unevenly paced. It feels like the first act takes over most of the movie, and the second and third acts happened when they finally arrived in Tomorrowland.
I can probably point a few plot holes that I noticed in this first viewing. Also, they probably did not explain enough things to completely get my full attention.

A movie based on an area in Disneyland seems like an interesting idea. The question is this: how are they going to pull this off? After watching this movie, I say they need some improvements. Visually speaking, this movie is fantastic (even though there are a few errors). However, the story does not give some appealing moments, nor does it stand out that much. The lesson, though it has good intentions, may not reach out to everyone, because even I was not completely buying on what they want me to learn (in fact, I might goes as far as saying it kind of contradicts itself). This movie is fine, but there are better films that do a better job than this. Maybe the Tomorrowland movie should become the Tomorrowland ride (which would be cool since I like to try out those jetpacks).



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