Benz Eye View: Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road
Mad Max: Fury Road


This is by far one of the best car action sequences I have ever seen.  You are never going to forget most of the crazy and intense moments that these scenes show you.

The cinematography is excellent.  You can easily tell what is happening, especially on the action sequences.

There is no way you are going to forget some of the imagery and extras in this film.  From the crazy white-skinned suicidal maniacs to the guy rocking out as he is driving, none of these things are forgettable.


The story is basic at best.  It is just an excuse for the action sequences to come in and amaze you.

Max himself is barely a main character of this film.  In fact, the film barely mentions his backstory at all, and he barely speaks, which results in a character that you barely have any emotional investment.

There are plenty of moments that require you to suspend your disbelief many times.


Like Furious 7, I have never seen any of the previous Mad Max films.  However, this film is so awesome, I might actually look up these old films.  The one big thing that holds this film up is the action sequences.  As I said before, the film has the best car action sequences I have ever seen.  That itself should be enough for anyone to watch this film (unless if you cannot handle the intense violence).  As for the story, it is all right.  It does lack on a character-driven story, but it does its purpose well.  If you are a fan of Mad Max or action films, this is a film you cannot refuse.



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