Benz Eye View: Jurassic World

Jurassic World
Jurassic World


This movie does an amazing job giving out the feeling and atmosphere of Jurassic Park, but it does not rip off its predecessor.  Jurassic World is its own movie world.

The special effects are not bad as well.  They may not be that impressive compared to the original (especially since that film also used well-done puppetry), but it works well enough to show these dinosaurs are in the movie.

Many of its themes lessons are interesting and thought-provoking, just like Jurassic Park…


…However, some of its themes do not really fit the movie as a whole.  In fact, one subplot does not work in this movie, making it really distracting.

There are some sloppy exposition.  I know it is meant to catch up from the first film (since the other two movies are now non-canon) and explain what they are doing in Jurassic World, but it could have been better if it has been set apart instead of shoving it in the first act.

Speaking of exposition, I think the first act is interesting, but the rest gets a little dull (right around when the park gets attacked) due to the fact that the rest if mostly action and suspense that is adequate at best.


Jurassic Park.  Every one of you has seen this film, and love it (I hope…).  I think I speak for everyone that its sequels are not up to par from the original.  When Jurassic World was announced, I was hesitant.  How are they going to pull this off?  Well, they pulled it off well.  This movie does a fantastic job having the same feel from the original.  It is still its own movie, and has its own themes and characters that fit well into its mythos.  However, it does have a few problems just like its sequels.  It does not stop it from being bad, but it does make this movie not as good as Jurassic Park.  If you are a fan of Jurassic Park, Jurassic World will like to welcome to its new movie.



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