Benz Eye View: Inside Out

Inside Out
Inside Out


The writing is superb.  Not only does this film create a fantastic story, but also an amazing fantasy world of a person’s mind being lead by five emotions.  Not to mention that the human subplot fits well into Joy’s plot.

The animation is fantastic.  There are plenty of great details that are noticeable and clear, and the characters look realistic and alive due to great amounts of work.

Amazing creativity on this world of the mind, and how they implemented the brain activities (i.e. psychology, memory, REM sleep, etc.) to fit into this world.


There are a few plot points that they do not explain well enough, or I did not get.  However, those are nitpicks that I do not mind passing over.

…That is it.


I am sure that you guys have seen Pixar’s work: Toy Story (who does not know that), A Bug’s Life (not the best, but pretty decent), Toy Story 2 (better than the first), Monsters, Inc. (another great classic), Finding Nemo (ANOTHER great classic), The Incredibles (may not be as good as the others, but it is certainly entertaining), Cars (uh…whatever), Ratatouille (pretty great film), WALL-E (amazing and well-done), Up (heart-warming and heart-breaking), Toy Story 3 (a great conclusion to the series…until they announced a sequel), Cars 2 (did not bother to watch it), Brave (it is decent), and Monsters University (did not watch that either).  Now, we have the latest Pixar film: Inside Out.  If I have to put this review in three words, it is this: I LOVE IT!  This is creative and clever just like many of Pixar’s best films.  Everything about this film is so well done, I can cry tears of joy about it.  I enjoy this film so much, it may be a close rival to my film of 2013: Frozen (although, those two films are different in their own levels).  If you have not watch this film, GO!  I insist that this film is awesome.


As for the short, Lava…It is fine, but I cannot watch it again, because those volcanoes freak me out.  It may not bother you, but it does bother me.


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