Benz Eye View: Minions



The animation is great.  The characters (especially the Minions) are so alive and active, you cannot mistake that these characters are moving, animated creatures.

As for the Minions themselves, they are very likable and funny.  As for the three main Minions (Stuart, Kevin, and Bob), their characteristics and appearances are different enough for people to know and like them (although, it may take a while since they look very similar to each other).

There is a surprisingly good amount of action scenes that are not only entertaining, but also funny at the same time.


There is a certain amount of humor that is crude, and will only satisfy younger audiences.

Some jokes are not executed that well, at least for me.  I did not find them funny, but the audience I was with did.

The movie relies on stereotypes and cliches that may be boring and unfunny to some people.


I have never seen any of the Despicable Me movies, so I figured that I do not need to watch those movies in order to watch this prequel.  Fortunately, you do not need to watch the Despicable Me movies in order to watch this one.  On its own, I thought this movie is pretty good.  It certainly does have its charm thanks to the Minions.  They talk in gibberish (and sometimes Spanish), they are silly but not stupid (not that stupid, at least), and they are very dedicated to find their villainous boss.  However, I did not find the movie itself to be that funny to me.  The audience I was with laughed out loud at its comedy, but I just chuckled.  Maybe this movie is not for me, but I can tell it is a pretty well-made movie.  It is certainly a made more for children than adults (where as Inside Out was made more for adults than children).  I am willing to watch the Despicable Me movies now, and Minions will satisfy any fans of the series.



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