Benz Eye View: Pixels



The visual effects are surprisingly good.  I believe it is because they are so simplistic with its bits and pieces that it is done well in a realistic world.

It is pretty cool that Sony managed to get many video game characters from different video game companies (i.e. Nintendo, Konami, etc.).

The action is also pretty cool and well done.  Like the visual effects, it is simplistic enough to be entertaining, and easy to follow what is happening.


The writing seems to concentrate only on the actors’ abilities to ad-lib.  Meaning, they spend several minutes of these characters spewing jokes and one-liners that its only contribution is to be funny, and not progressing the story.  This makes it distracting, and it slows down the movie.

I do not care about any of the characters (except one), because they are poorly written and cliched.  The only character I cared for is Q*bert, and he only comes in after 3/5ths of the movie have passed.

Not only does movie have plenty of plot holes, but the subplots are stupid.  With a concept this admittedly dumb, that just makes it worse.


Based off a two-minute short, Pixels is as a ridiculous as you expected.  However, with Happy Madison Productions involved in this picture, this makes the movie even worse.  I mean, come on.  These guys really need to stop making movies for the sake of having their friends to come together and have fun.  If they want to do that, at least make a movie that everyone else can enjoy (i.e. 50 First Dates, Click).  However, they have a tendency in creating terrible movies (i.e. Jack and Jill, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, etc.) that they seem to enjoy, but no one else does.  This movie is not that bad, but they seriously need get their act together and make a good movie.  With a dumb plot, bad writing, and jokes that will get old really fast, Pixels is just another typical Happy Madison Productions movie: uninteresting.



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