Benz Eye View: Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four (2015)
Fantastic Four (2015)


The main actors are great, and they have pretty good chemistry with each other.  However, there is one problem with that…


…For a movie called the Fantastic Four, the four main heroes are not seen together until the final act of the movie.  This is ridiculous since throughout most of the movie, two or three of the heroes hang out with each other, while one is out of commission for some odd reason.

It does not help that the writing is terrible, along with bad pacing and subplots (which there are plenty) that go absolutely nowhere.

Most of the special effects are awful.  There are many shots where I can tell that the actors are in front of a green screen, and special effects that looks incomplete enough to belong in a PS3 video game at best.


The Fantastic Four is a Marvel superhero group that is beloved by many comic book fans.  Unfortunately, they have the tendency for being terrible in other mediums outside of comic books.  In movies, the Roger Corman Fantastic Four in 1994 was never released in theaters, but it has been reported to be bad.  The Tim Story Fantastic Four movies (2005 and 2007) had its own problems as well.  In 2015, a Fantastic Four reboot has been released, and if you have not seen any other reviews already, I can help reinforce them by saying that this reboot is TERRIBLE.  I cannot believe they still manage to screw this up, and unable to make at least a decent movie.  There are a couple scenes that they do well, but it is not enough to save it.  It does not help that there have been behind-the-scenes reports of this movie’s downfall.  Some say that it is director Josh Trank’s fault for not doing well, and there are others that say 20th Century Fox interfered in the overall production.  Either way, their excuses will not save them from this awful delivery of a movie.  Say what you want about the Tim Story Fantastic Four movies, at least I can tell they have charm and some effort put into it.  This reboot has none with the exception of the main actors.  I will close this off with a suggestion for 20th Century Fox: You are doing pretty well the X-Men franchise.  However, I can tell that you cannot handle the Fantastic Four, so I suggest you give the movie rights back to Marvel Studios.  They know how to deal with a Marvel superhero group that they know well.  And to Marvel Studios, I do recommend keeping the main actors since they have great potential and work really well.  In the meantime, I will be surprised if this movie actually managed to get a sequel that Fox are planning to make.



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