Benz Eye View: Ricki and the Flash

Ricki and the Flash
Ricki and the Flash


All the actors (especially Meryl Streep, as usual) are great.  They all play their roles well, making them convincing.

The comedy is very subtle and funny, because it matches towards the characters and their situations.

Great singing performance by Meryl Streep…


…Although, there are a little too many songs placed in this movie.

This movie is pretty slow, so this may not be for people who are waiting for the movie’s story to be resolved.

*SLIGHT SPOILERS* The resolution between Ricki and her daughter is satisfying (if a bit rushed), but her resolution on her sons was not since we barely get to see them that much.


I do not have much to say about this movie other than it is pretty good.  Even though there are certain elements I do not really like/agree, I did enjoy the story of a mother who has to rekindle her relationship with her family (particularly her daughter), which is interesting that the daughter, Julie is played by Meryl Streep’s actual daughter, Mamie Gummer.  Give this a watch, but for certain people, I am sure they are not going to like a couple things they talk about (you will know what I mean if you watch it).



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