Benz Eye View: War Room

War Room
War Room


Even though this is similar to another Kendrick movie (Fireproof), this movie has a really good message that is meant for everyone.

The best character in this movie is Miss Clara.  She is so full of spirit and wit that she excites me every time she comes on screen.

This is also a really funny movie.  Some jokes may fall flat, but the other ones are hilarious and fun.


If you are a film person like me, you may notice that the editing and camera work need some improvements.  It may not bother a regular person, but it is distracting to the film people.

Some scenes are not necessary to the movie.  Particularly, the scenes that are supposed to be funny (but fall flat) as its purpose.

The movie goes on a bit too long.  By the time the two main plot points are resolved, the other plot points are shown so we can know how they are resolved.  It makes the movie longer than it needs to be, and completely unnecessary.


Another Christian movie in my neck of the woods.  What do I think about it?  It is one of the better Christian movies I have ever seen.  Not to say that it does not have any problems.  Does it suffer for being preachy?  Kind of, but I think they managed it pretty well (in fact, there is scene that points out that they are being preachy).  Is the acting good?  It is sub-par at best, but I can tell that they are trying.  Is the writing well done?  It does what it needs to do, but it surely needs some improvements.  I do recommend this movie to everyone (even non-Christians), but like every other Christian movies, do not expect a masterpiece.



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