Benz Eye View: Pan



The music is pretty cool, I guess.

All the actors did fine in their roles.  The main child actor, Levi Miller has plenty of potential in acting due to his role as Peter Pan…


…Although, this movie is not going to make him look good, because the writing is bad.  Plenty of plot holes, ridiculous moments, and one plot line that I like to see how it ends is a sequel-bait.

The editing is awful.  Many times they make so many cuts that it results in terrible pacing issues alongside the bad writing, and the lack of establishing shots makes it confusing on where the characters are most of the time.

The CG sticks out like a sore thumb.  It feels like the actors are stuck in a video game/3-D cartoon world that they clearly do not belong.


Peter Pan is one the most iconic tales of all time.  A boy who refuses to grow up, and seeks adventure in Never Land.  I was a bit interested on how they are going to explore Peter Pan’s origins.  What we got is a mess of a movie.  I cannot buy that this a movie about Peter Pan, although many will argue that this is just the character starting to become Peter Pan.  I would agree, but the poor writing and production do not help me agree with that argument.  I can see this movie having potential, but they unfortunately squander it.  If you want a Peter Pan movie that sticks to its roots, watch Disney’s Peter Pan.  If you want a live action version that has the soul of the Lost Boy, Hook is a good deal despite its flaws.  Watch those movies instead of this one unless you want to get the idea of chopping your hand and feeding it to the crocodile after watching Pan.



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