Benz Eye View: Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies
Bridge of Spies


Fantastic story and writing.  It is amazing how Steven Spielberg manages to get every point on how to create a visual story, and make it interesting and well done.

Speaking of Steven Spielberg, his work is still great, because the directing is amazing in this film.  Of course it is, because this is Steven Spielberg: one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

There are some very clever cinematography here.  I am not going to give away much about it, but any cinematographers may agree with me that this is one of many things that shine in this film.


Many may argue that this film is a bit too long.  Some people may not like that, but to me, it is understandable why they would do that.  A few scenes may not be needed here or there, but that does not detract the film to me.

It feels like that there are two stories that are plugged in this film.  I am not going to spoil what they are, but it is a bit odd that the film has that.  Both stories are really good and have a point, but it should be worth noting.


Steven Spielberg still got it, because his next film is amazing.  It also helps that two of the three writers are the Coen Brothers.  Based off the 1960 U-2 Incident, this film is about a lawyer named James B. Donovan on a case with Rudolf Abel, who is accused of being of Soviet spy.  I am not sure about the accuracy of the actual events, but this film is certainly one of the best films I seen this year (next to Inside Out).  If there is anything you want to see this weekend, I highly recommend this film over Goosebumps (which I assume it sucks, but I will save that when I may see it one day).  It is clever, well-directed, intelligent, and carefully done.  It may be a bit slow, but that did not stop me from loving this film.



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