Benz Eye View: The Martian

The Martian
The Martian


All the characters in this film are likable and alive.  Meaning, they feel like three-dimensional characters that have their own set of traits and personalities.

The conflict, while done before, is great.  The third act is the best as the other acts slowly build up to it well, and a great way to write a three act structure.


Techno-babble may pass through normal people’s heads.  They may just accept what these NASA people are talking about without truly understanding it.  Even I kind of struggle on what they are talking about.

One lazy way that the film introduces most people is via text.  Please do not do that again..


When I first watched the trailer for this movie, I thought, “This looks like a prequel to Interstellar.”  It certainly feels like with the setting in space or Mars, and a couple of cast members did work on Interstellar.  It also did not help that its director, Ridley Scott’s last movie was Exodus: Gods and Kings, and I thought that movie sucked.  I am glad to say that he certainly made up for the last movie, because this film is fantastic.  Sure, this premise has been done before (Cast Away in space), but the setting and delivery of conflict is what stands out.  It can be pretty slow at times, but it is worth it throughout the entire film.  This film is also based on the novel of the same name, and I hope this film is faithful to the novel as I heard that the science is pretty accurate.  Go and watch this film despite that techno-babble to the NASA geniuses is techno-crap to you.


Oh, and Happy Halloween, everyone!


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