Benz Eye View: Spectre



The environments and settings look nice, especially Mexico City with Dia de los Muertes.  The Mexican tradition and costumes look pretty cool.

Christoph Waltz is the best actor in the movie.  Man, this guy does not give up on acting well even if he is in a bad movie (as far as I know).

There is mixture of current and past Bond moments in this movie.  It hearkens back the old times of 007 while not messing up the tone of the new one…


…Although, they can feel forced and unnecessary at times.  In some cases, I argue it may make Daniel Craig’s Bond somewhat out of character.

It is probably just me, but I noticed that the actors may be obligated to be in their roles, because most of the actors act semi-seriously.  Some of them have the same facial expression most of the time, and it makes me feel like they do not care that much, especially with the news on how Daniel Craig hates James Bond now.

The second act is slow and barely interesting.  Very few times I was paying full attention on what is going on in that act, because it just feels standard.  It is certainly not the same as Silva’s time on Skyfall.


007 is one of the most popular British characters in the UK (but I always prefer the Doctor).  From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, the character has been around for a very long time.  In Daniel Craig’s run, it is a pretty good one.  Casino Royale is a great reboot to the character with a fantastic story and realistic characters, especially James Bond.  Quantum of Solace does not live up to its predecessor due to making Bond invincible, making an unrealistic story in a realistic world.  Skyfall made up its predecessor with the story, villain, and theme of being expendable and vulnerable.  How do I define Spectre?  I say it is Quantum of Solace done slightly better.  There are some good moments here or there, but it does not save the movie being somewhat dull compared to Casino Royale and Skyfall.  It certainly is a 007 movie, but it is not one of those movies that stand out.  If you are a fan of 007, this movie may give you a good time.  Just do not expect to be the next best James Bond movie after the great Skyfall.



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