Benz Eye View: Sicario



The suspenseful scenes are done very well.  With a combination of tense music and lack of the idea of who and how many are there, those scenes provide well done moments of mystery and fear.

The third act is the best one by far (especially considering one certain con).  It may not be a hard-boiled action scene, but it is great action scene that is subtle, and an idea that the antagonist brings up that may make some people think of their actions like this one (maybe…).

This film is not for the faint of heart, because it has disturbing imagery that makes it great for its grim and depressing tone.


This may be a great film, but it can be considered slow for some people.  If you are expecting a high-thrill action movie, you are not going to find it here.

With the exception of Alejandro Gillick, none of these characters interest me.  The actors may have played their parts well, but it is not enough to make me like them enough to care.


I apologize that there is no new movie that came out this week that I did not review.  None of the new movies this week interest me, and I heard plenty of things about this one.  Maybe I will get to those new movies, but that is unlikely.  Anyway, how about Sicario?  A film that came out a couple of months ago that received a great amount of praise.  I agree with them.  It is indeed a great film about how people have to break the rules in order to stop the enemy, but it comes at a cost.  While I do recognize that this is great, it is one of those films that I prefer not to watch again.  It is a little too slow for me, and these types of films are not really what I prefer to watch everyday if I wanted.  Anyone looking for a really grim film about agents breaking the law in order to stop the bad guy, this is for you.  However, if you are like me, watch something that avoids the completely depressing, like The Peanuts Movie.

Yeah.  Watch a movie about a boy who lacks self-confidence, and is constantly depressed.
Yeah. Watch a movie about a boy who lacks self-confidence, and is constantly depressed.



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