Benz Eye View: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 2


The action scenes (the few that are in this movie) are very tense, and adrenaline fun.  These are my favorite moments of the movie (you will see why in the cons).

The costume and setting designs are great as usual…that is about it.

I like what direction that they are going for in this movie.  Instead of an arena where the players kill each other, the environments, traps, and Panem are after the rebels: an alternate version  of the Hunger Games.


There is so much exposition in this movie, and it is barely interesting.  To sum it all up, it is pretty much like this: “We have to kill Snow.  Oh, wait.  There are traps in the entire city.  Be careful.  We don’t want our red-shirts to die…Oh, wait.  They’re dead.  That sucks.  Let’s go.”  It can also be like this: “Do you love me?  I don’t know, do you love me?  I do.  OK, whatever.  We’ll resolve this in the end of the movie.”

The pacing is unbearably long and poor.  The reason why I said the action scenes are my favorite parts of the movie is because the rest just drags on with very little interesting moments.  I get what is going on, just either cut the scenes short or remove them completely.

This leads to the biggest problem with the movie: the writing.  Screenwriting 101: make sure the scenes have purpose.  While it is arguable that the scenes in this movie do actually have purpose, another good screenwriting advice is that they do not drag on to the point where we have to look at our watches and say, “Is the movie over?”



The final movie of the Hunger Games Quadrilogy, and it has been a good run, right?  Well, let me see what I think of the other Hunger Games movies: I like the first one; I like the second one as well, but I thought it is a bit too similar to the last one; and the third one was slow, but I accepted it due to interesting tensions.  The last movie, on the other hand, I did not like.  I thought it was an uninteresting and boring way to end the series.  Some of the elements I did not like from the other movies (i.e. the romance) appears here, and it did not improve.  I can tell that many of the characters (some are introduced in this movie) are red-shirts waiting for their moments to die.  I do not know if this is close to the books or not, but I did watch with a few friends of mine, and many of them like it (mainly because they read the books).  If I have to recommend this movie to anyone, I say the fans of the books.  Any other person should just watch the Harry Potter movies instead.



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