Benz Eye View: The Good Dinosaur

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Here is a little Thanksgiving treat just for you.

The Good Dinosaur


The animation is excellent as usual.  This is Pixar after all.  Even in their worse films, they still manage to have great animation.  In this case, the dinosaurs are very life-like, especially Arlo.

The greatest technical marvel about this movie is the environment.  I cannot describe how realistic and fantastically-made the environment is.  If you just look at the environments alone, it would like an actual real-life forest.  It is that amazing, and it is what got me to watch this movie in the first place.

The relationship between Arlo and Spot is beautiful.  The best moments in the movie is when the two have quiet moments (i.e. the discussion about their families).  As a certain quote says, “Action speaks louder than words.”


This is not that bad of a con, but the dinosaurs do not exactly fit into the environmental setting.  Compare to the realistic setting and the cartoon-like dinosaurs, and you will probably get what I am talking about.

I do not feel like I explored the world of this movie enough.  The main characters do meet a few dinosaurs (who are not memorable), but despite the realistic-looking world and characters, it makes the movie feel isolated.  I know that is the point for Arlo, but I feel like there should be more dinosaurs around, especially when there is not that many varieties.

The villains (yes, there are villains in this movie) feel like last-minute additions.  There is nothing that stands out towards them other than they are crazy.  There is probably a symbolic reflection between Arlo and them, but there is no charm for them at all.



With Pixar’s last film Inside Out that was released a few months ago, I was ecstatic to check out this new movie.  I love Inside Out so much, I could not wait what the next one has in store.  Well, The Good Dinosaur is pretty good.  That is it.  It is a fantastic-looking movie with great animation and environments, but the story has been done before.  It does pretty well make you care for Arlo and Spot, but it does not reach the same emotional level with any Pixar film (i.e. Inside Out).  This makes me feel like that they are showing off their animation instead of making a fantastic story.  It is serviceable, but you can find better films that deal with the same or similar themes as this one.  I do recommend it for everyone, but it would probably make you feel like watching Inside Out again.


For Pixar’s new short, Sanjay’s Super Team, I really like it.  Not only does this short have fantastic animation, but also an interesting look at a child who wants to follow his imagination of superheroes, but has to follow his family’s traditions/religion.  I enjoy it.

I also like to spend a little time saying that I am thankful for the people who are actually reading my reviews in this blog.  I am glad that you are enjoying my reviews, and I like to keep doing this for you guys.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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