Benz Eye View: Creed



There is a great chemistry between Rocky and Donnie.  They give out not only a mentor-student relationship, but also a father-son-like friendship that fits for both of these characters.

It may be good to see Rocky Balboa again, but the film acknowledges that it is not his story; it is Donnie Creed’s.  The filmmakers did an excellent job making a film about this character and his struggles with Rocky Balboa going along with the ride.

The cinematography intrigues me, particularly in the fight scenes.  They consist of plenty of long shots which work on the fight scenes, because it makes you feel like you are part of the audience seeing the action.



Keep in mind of this: This film is slow, especially on the second act.  I will somewhat excuse this since the first Rocky did the same thing, but there are a few scenes that do drag on for a bit too long.

The romance between Donnie and Bianca is not bad, but not that great when compared to Rocky and Adrian.  The two from the original film had their own plots (Rocky has to prove he can beat Apollo, and Adrian has to overcome her shyness), while Bianca’s plot is not really that interesting, and later gets tossed aside.

I wish I got to know the main antagonist: Conlan a little more.  His characterization is shown through a news report and a brief scene, but other than that, he comes off as a stereotypical stubborn heavyweight boxer.



The Rocky film series is one of my favorite film series of all time.  The first Rocky is an instant classic.  Rocky II is a great successor to the last one.  Rocky III may not have been good as the other two, but still delivered an interesting story.  Rocky IV may have terrible writing, but made it up with plenty of fun moments (and my favorite song of the Rocky series over Gonna Fly Now: Heart’s on Fire).  Rocky V was not that bad in my opinion, but it did suffer with its own problems.  Rocky Balboa is a great film that brought back Rocky into the modern world, and it is a story worth telling.  Now we have another sequel that is not about Rocky Balboa, but about the son of Apollo Creed, Donnie Creed.  I was excited and worried about this film for it may not be that great.  I am proud to say that this film is fantastic, and worthy of the Rocky film series.  It may not be about Rocky, but it does make a great film with legacy as a perfect theme for not only Donnie, but also the Rocky series as a whole.  Makes me want to look back and watch the old films.  Go and watch this film, especially if you are a Rocky fan.  It is a great tribute to Rocky, while making its own story about another character that is worth telling.


I will leave you with this song from Rocky IV; a perfect metaphor on how I felt when I watched this film.


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