Benz Eye View: Legend



Tom Hardy is great as the Kray twins.  You know you are a good actor when you play two different roles with similar appearances, and still pull it off.

The dark comedy is actually hilarious when those moments come.  Especially in the scenes where they make fun of Ronnie Kray’s psychotic meltdown…

…In fact, the best scene in the movie is the fight between the Kray twins.  It manages to make it funny and painful: a good combination for a dark comedy.


The plot is dull and stale.  Very few moments of originality and interest, because if you seen any gangster movie, you pretty much seen this movie.

The police subplot is barely paced since it comes up for a brief moment, gets picked up in random moments in time, and becomes important by the very end.

I feel like this movie is trying to make its own version of The Godfather (one twin is trying to be peaceful, but the other is psychotic and wants war), but it does not work due its lackluster writing and pacing.



First off, I do not know if this true to the actual Kray twins.  Secondly, this movie is not that great with the exception of its dark comedy bits.  Finally, just watch The Godfather if you want a really good gangster film.  Long review short, watch something else.  Sorry, but I really do not have much to say about it.



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