Benz Eye View: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

The Star Wars Marathon continues with the conclusion of the Original Trilogy…

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi


Our favorite characters are back, and better than ever.  The character with the biggest change is Luke Skywalker, and he is an example of a character following the Hero’s Journey.  My favorite moments in the movie are with him, especially when he is interacting with Darth Vader.

The battle sequences (with the exception of the Ewoks battle) are exhilarating.  One of the greatest battle sequences is the space battle above Endor.  It is like the space battle above Yavin 4 in the first Star Wars film, but amplified since it has more risks and dangers.

The monsters, costumes, and production designs are well-thought out.  As usual, it is what makes the film series alive and immersive.  The ones that deserve the most credit are the rancor and Jabba the Hutt.  In fact, I just notice some interesting details that they added on Jabba, like the disgusting slime and boogers.  No wonder Carrie Fisher hated the slimeball.



Some of the changes from the original are stupid.  I was fine with most of the changes from the last two films, but the ones in this movie I am not fond of.  Two big examples are the singing scene in Jabba’s Palace (an example of bad CG), and (exclusively on the Blu-Ray version) Darth Vader’s “NO” scene when the Emperor is electrocuting Luke (a scene that ruins the emotional moment with Darth Vader).

I know that this part of the plot is important, but the Jabba plot goes on for a third of the movie.  Not the worst thing about the movie, but it goes on a bit too long in my opinion.  It does have purpose, but it feels like the filmmakers are obligated to do this, so they can actually progress to the story they have intended.

This movie is pretty slow, especially in the first two acts.  The battle scenes and emotional moments are what make the movie a little more tolerable, but it is does drag on without them.  Very few moments are gripping, and they cannot make the movie stand out.



In May 25, 1983, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was released in theaters.  The movie did well, but it is considered the worst of the Star Wars movies (until the prequels came out).  Not to say it is a terrible movie, but it does not live up to expectations when compared to the last two films.  I am going to have to agree with them as well.  There are plenty of great moments, and it is indeed a Star Wars movie, but it does not overcome its predecessors.  It is a good conclusion to the original trilogy (especially if you bring the prequels in mind…or not).  I still recommend it since there are still great moments like the battles and emotional scenes.  It may not be the best of the originals, but it does not stop Star Wars from being one of the greatest film franchises ever.


With the end of the Star Wars Original Trilogy, George Lucas became busy for the next couple of decades.  In 1984, he created the first digital editing systems: the Editdroid and Sounddroid.  It helped make editing much easier for filmmakers.


In 1985, Lucasfilm’s computer division created a unique computer animation: 3D animation.  It was later sold and re-branded into an animation company that EVERY ONE OF YOU should know.

Look familiar?

After helping Steven Spielberg on the special effects of the film Jurassic Park, George Lucas decided to “perfect” his vision.  In 1997, he released the Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition.

It was great to see the films back in theaters again, but fans and audiences notice some of the changes that they did not like (i.e. special effects that really stand out, some additional audio, different visuals, etc.).  Whether you like it or not, Lucas would end up changing much of the Original Star Wars with the DVD and Blu-Ray releases.  As of this blog post, he still refused to release the original unaltered version of Star Wars that many die-hard fans want.

Now that I am finished with the Original Trilogy, here is a little tribute video I found:

Tomorrow, I will take a look and review the Prequel Trilogy…oh, boy.

Don’t listen to him!

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