Benz Eye View: Daddy’s Home

Happy New Year, everyone!  Let’s start 2016…with a movie from 2015.  There is no new movie that comes out this week, so it is time for me to concentrate on some of the movies I missed instead.  Let’s start with…

Daddy’s Home


Mark Wahlberg’s character is a good antagonist/foil for Will Ferrell’s character.  He does as well for being a cool dad for his biological children, but attempting to replace and remove the stepdad from the home.

There is a subplot with the son and his problem with bullies.  There is a twist that may not be that original, but it is still pretty good turn of events that works well.

A joke about how people felt when Frozen was around is actually my favorite joke in the entire movie…


…Which leads to the fact the rest of the jokes are delivered poorly.  There are some good ones here or there, but they usually lead to a chuckle at best.  If the delivery was better (by the actors and editing), maybe the movie will be funnier (or maybe remove some of the jokes that are unnecessary).

I know that this is a comedy, but this does not excuse some of the most illogical and uncharacteristic moments in the movie.  If you want a great comedy, make characters that we care and flow well through the story, which they screwed up until MAYBE the third act of the movie.

This movie may have some good themes and messages, but it does not deserve it.  How the entire movie plays out does not work: the humor is not good, the characters can get annoying, and it makes you wish, “When is the movie over?”



Want to know a great way to save money?  You hear about this movie?  Here is a trailer:

…And that’s it.  You just saved your money.  Even then, looking at the trailer now, the jokes no longer seem funny to me.  This movie tries a bit too hard trying to be funny, but not only did they fail at that, they fail to make a good movie.  They probably mean well, but they clearly did not do well.  Just go continue watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or in my case, I am probably going to watch Frozen, and wait for Frozen 2 to come out…Forget it, I am probably going to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens again.


Want a good comedic moment?  Watch this:


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