Benz Eye View: Joy



The tone for this film fits very well for the character, Joy.  Her life and work sucks, and it does a great job making you feel and/or understand what she is going through.

The writing is fantastic.  One thing they did well is you can catch up with the business antics and workarounds.  I am not a business person, but I can understand what is going on with this film in a business perspective thanks to the writing.

The acting is phenomenal.  Jennifer Lawrence continues to do well in her performances, and this film is no different.  The fact that her character does not really follow her namesake until…well, I do not want to spoil it.  She plays a hard-working woman who has clearly has talent, but life really sucks for her.


Some of the editing seem a bit odd to me.  There are times that the camera stays on a certain character despite something happening off-screen, and they do not show it.  It is bit off to me, and it may not bother you in the slightest.

The first few parts of the film seem all over the place.  It does well to establish how much Joy’s life sucks, but it does not get that interesting until Joy finally does something with her life.

Very small nitpick: I wish Bradley Cooper was in it more.  I like his character:  a man who respects others, even if they are adversaries in business.



Loosely based on the life of Joy Mangano (meaning there are some things that are not true), this film is fantastic.  However, I can only recommend it to a few people, because this is probably meant for people who can handle what Joy went through.  To put it bluntly, this film is stressful.  It is a well-done stress, but stressful nonetheless.  It is not cheerful, happy, content, or joyful.  The film wants you to feel what the character feels, and they succeeded.  With that in mind, I can say that this film is great to watch, but exhausting.



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