Benz Eye View: Concussion



The investigation on how Mike Webster died and showing the new disorder to the neurologists and doctors are interesting.  The fact that a person discovers something new that has not been known in any certain areas gives a sense of discovery and intrigue.

It gets a little better when Dr. Bennet Omalu later has to convince the NLA that the discovery is accurate instead of just making the NLA look bad.  The reason why they want to stop him varies from greed, fame, protection of family, etc.  While they mean well (sort of), that does not excuse the fact that the football players are suffering in the process.

The movie does a great job explaining how damaging and painful football is; changing people’s perspective as they watch or play this game.  It is very convincing that the victims of CTE are truly damaged individuals.  Especially Webster since he looks REALLY miserable like he has been like this for years.


The romance between Bennet Omalu and Prema Mutiso is weak.  Weak and awkward in the first few moments that they are together.  From the moment they met, you can automatically guess that these two will get together.  As husband and wife, they are fine, but the romance could have been delivered better.

The characters are pretty generic and a little forgettable.  There are some characteristics that make them somewhat stand out, but in the end, that cannot save them from being average.

As I feared, there are some things in this movie that is not true in the actual events.  Some of the events are softened compared to the actual ones, the NFL are made to look not as bad as what actually happened, and some of the characters are not properly realized.  It does manage to at least get the heart of the event, but not all of the true events.



This movie is not bad.  It certainly has the heart to tell a true story about a man who discovered a new disorder, and he attempts to tell the world what is truly happening, but no one listens.  However, the delivery could have been better.  Everything about this movie screams generic and average.  Watch any movie that has similar themes and messages like this one, and you will realize that is no different than any of the other ones other than it has a different look, setting, and characters.  It does not make it a terrible movie, it just makes it a genre movie.  It is inspirational towards many, although they may learn that they have heard this message before.



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