Benz Eye View: Spotlight



The writing is excellent.  It may not be a character-driven story (for the most part) that I usually prefer , but the story follows clearly (if you pay attention) on what the dilemma is, and how it is actually bigger than what they thought.

The acting is superb.  I buy that these people know what they are doing in their newspaper journalism.  They know when to be serious and silly, and let it be natural for their characters.

If you look a bit closely, there are some deep lessons when it comes to the investigation of the Catholic Church and its sex scandals.  This may be me just looking a bit too closely, but when they mentioned certain things (i.e. some of the characters’ backstories), I found it very intriguing how they correlate between the characters and the church.


You have to pay attention to what is going on in this film, especially how the characters are investigating the scandal.  If you do not, you might struggle on following what they are doing specifically like the people they are after or what they are targeting.

I have only heard a few things that are not true from the film compared to the actual events.  At least it is a few things.



With the announcement of the nominations for the Academy Awards, I think it is time for me to catch up with some of the films that are nominated for Best Picture.  I am going to start with the one of four films that I missed last year: Spotlight.  Based on actual events, the film tells a story about a group of journalists called Spotlight uncovering the sex abuse scandal by Roman Catholic priests in Boston.  In the wrong hands, this film would likely be a preachy movie that has no structure and weight to its storytelling and message.  However, this film is deserving of its Academy Award nomination for Best Picture.  The story and acting is what makes this film very strong.  Also, because it is based on a true story about a sex scandal in the Catholic Church, this makes the film even better.  Even if it is not, I still find it a well-delivered film that is worth watching, and we will see if it ends up winning the Academy Award for Best Picture, but it sure has some challenges ahead with the other films.



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