Benz Eye View: The Big Short

The Big Short


While the writing for this film is excellent, the one thing that intrigues me the most is its self-aware fourth-wall breaking moments.  Few of the characters speak to the camera (or us) to explain what is going on to the people who do not get the banking business.  There are even a few points where they mention that certain points in the film did not actually happen in the real events.  Cheeky and clever.

I am not exactly of fan of this style, but the cinematography makes this film seem like a behind the scenes documentary.  Since the actual event happened a few years ago, it is pretty clever that it makes the film seem like what is happening behind the scenes like an actual documentary.

The acting has great talent and performances.  The one actor I like to give credit is Steve Carell.  I know he did a few serious roles (i.e. Foxcatcher), but I never seen him do it until now.  This guy is an example of an actor.  Instead of playing the same character except with different clothing (I am looking at you, Seth Rogen), actors play a variety of different characters.  Steve Carell can be a comedic office worker or a serious banker, and that is talented work.


Even though the film has brief scenes explaining the business of banking, I still feel like a complete idiot on what they are talking about sometimes.  If you are not an expert of this field, it is very likely that you will come out watching this film feeling like a stupid person.  At least you will understand the drama of the situation.

Once again, I am not a fan of the documentary-style camerawork.  In my opinion, its panning, tilts, zooms, and constant movements are distracting.  If done terribly, it can be disorientating.  Fortunately, the film does not end up like that.



Two down, two to go.  This film has also been nominated for Best Picture in the Academy Awards.  Based off of the book of the same name that talks about the events leading to the 2008 financial crisis, this film…is excellent.  Once again, I do not object the Academy’s choice for this film as a possible contender for Best Picture (although their current controversy is something I am not going to talk about right now).  This film is very likely going to hit home for many people who experienced the 2008 financial crisis since it just happened a few years ago.  As it stands, it is aware of not only the problems that happened in the banking industry, but also aware of the people watching it may not understand it that well.  Despite that, it tells a compelling story of why it is bad idea to build a house on sand.  It not only hurts the person living in the house, but those around him.  However, in this case, the rich finds a way to surpass this, while the poor and unaware suffer for it.  There are people who are aware, and try their best to stop it.  This film is a must-see, but also a little heart-breaking for many people.



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