Benz Eye View: The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave


Chloe Grace Moretz does a great job in her acting role.  There are few missteps here and there, but she did a fine performance overall.

It amuses me a bit that some of the child soldiers probably are around twelve years old.  This probably has a deep message, but…I will get to that in a minute.

The first act is excellent.  Not only does it establish a likable main character, but the first three waves of the invasion are great.  It gives despair to everyone on Earth, and are clever ways to take out the human race…



…However, when the second act begins, everything falls apart.  Not only does the rest of the movie follow the typical young adult movie cliches, but there are several plot holes and boring moments as well.  As much as I like Chloe Grace Moretz, her character got less interesting as it progresses…

Huh…A main character that has a younger sibling that she is trying to protect…
Why does THAT sound familiar?

…Especially when they add a dumb romantic plot line.  Not only is the male love interest not compelling, but he is actually pretty creepy.  When a certain twist is revealed about him and he reveals why he loves the main lead, you will understand why I think that is considered creepy.  They do not have a romantic chemistry at all, especially since the actor of the male love interest is not good.

If you think about it, how the aliens plan to invade and destroy the people of Earth is really stupid.  They could not think of any other methods to destroy all humans?  They could have just stick to the first three (or maybe four if you stretch it a bit) waves, and the human race would be gone.  I am not going to spoil this, but the fifth and final wave that is supposed to take out the human race is absolutely dumb.

How about sending these guys?  They do a better job than the aliens in this movie did.


Based on a best-selling book, the Fifth Wave…is a mess.  I am starting to doubt whether the books really suck and marketing team is lying, or the book version is better and the film team just sucks.  It makes it even worse when the first act got me invested only to have them screw it up in the second and third act.  I should expected this since it is a January movie, but what a way to start the new year.  I better catch up with the Academy Award nominated films before it is too late, but until then, you may find some favor in this movie, at least in the first act.  The rest of it may even make the fans of the book cringe.



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