Benz Eye View: Brooklyn



I do enjoy the fish-out-of-water story.  It may start out as typical, but it gets better over time after a certain thing happens…

…Combine that with a pretty good romance, and the film ends up getting better as the main character ends up with more struggles.  It even has a love triangle that is delivered well since the three characters are likable.

Since this is an Academy Award nominated film, of course the acting is going to be great.  However, my favorite actor in the film is a child actor (I do not know his name) who plays a snarky, smart, and cheeky boy.  He is the funniest character out of everyone.



The romance between Eilis and Tony is a little weak.  It is not that bad, and they do have some chemistry, but the reason why I said that is because I always get a weird feeling that Tony is the type that cheats on his girlfriends.  I was wrong, but you may get a similar impression when you first see him.

Even though the story is well-written, the first half of the film is pretty typical.  It does have great acting and atmosphere, but it starts out as a typical fish-out-of-water story with romance in its mix.  However, it gets better when the second half of the film comes in, and Eilis’s conflicts get interesting.



I just have one more Academy Award nominated film to go until I determine which film I want to win in this year’s Academy Awards.  Until then, here is a film called Brooklyn is based on a novel of the same name.  Honestly, I do not have much to say other than it is a really good fish-out-of-water film with romantic elements (I think I need to know some words other than good, well done, fantastic, phenomenal, etc., because it is starting to annoy me).  I can say that this film is aimed more for people who are fans of romance and the book (assuming that it is true to the book).  Long story short, go watch it.



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