Benz Eye View: The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours


The movie does well showing the dilemmas of both the S.S. Pendleton and the CG 36500. Man vs. nature is the conflict in here, and the ocean is pretty harsh to these characters (although, I wish the CG is better).

The Third Act is pretty cool.  Not going to spoil it, but it gives out a combination of dread and hope (although, I have seen better).

The tanker crew is pretty likable.  Although we do not get to know them that well, you care enough for most of them to survive what seems to be an impossible rescue mission…



…I cannot say the same thing with the male and female leads: Bernard and Miriam Webber.  Bernard is supposed to be an awkward Coast Guard man who is willing to do an impossible rescue task.  However, he is uninteresting.  You can make an awkward character interesting, but Bernard is not one of them.  Miriam barely does a thing with the exception of what happens in the end.  Other than that, she has her own side-plot that is not really needed…

…With two boring leads, it is clear that they are also romantic interests.  Unfortunately, the romance is dull.   Miriam chews Bernard in terms of charisma and attention, thus one character is more interesting than the other and cannot work together.  If the movie makes you wonder why she wants to marry him, then they failed in the romance entirely.

Casey Affleck is the worst actor in the movie.  I cannot buy his performance, because he supposed to be a quiet guy who is forced to be the leader of the remaining members of the S. S. Pendleton, and he looks so uninterested in the role.  It almost feels like he is obligated to be there, and get his paycheck.  Seriously, if you do not like the movie you are in, at least try to look like you care.


Based on a true story (which from what I heard, it is accurate), The Finest Hours is…a movie.  I cannot really describe much other than that.  It does what it needs to do, and it does a decent job.  It could have been better…MUCH better.  There are plenty of flaws in this movie that just brings it down.  This may annoy you more than me.  All-in-all, if you do not have anything else to watch and want to be inspired, I guess you can watch this…I guess.



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