Benz Eye View: Room



1.) The mother-son relationship is dynamic.  The two main leads are fantastic and work well with each other.  Kind of amazing considering that the child actor does a great job at this film (child actors are usually not the greatest actors in the world).

2.) I like that the film gives a great sense of claustrophobia and despair despite the very few moments of happiness.  It reflects on its theme: despite escaping in their personal living hell, the feeling does not go away, at least not immediately.

3.) Since the film concentrates on the mother and son, how they react in their situations is deep and match their characters.  The mother (Joy) has been stuck in Room for seven years, and the son (Jack) has been there since he was born (five years).  They both react differently: Joy wants to get out while Jack wants to stay; two interesting viewpoints.



1.) Maybe for some people this can be considered slow, but I do not think so since this is well-paced.  I will let you decide on that.




The last of the Oscar-nominated film (sorry it took so long), Room is more than just a mother and son trying to get out of Room, it is about how Room has affected them throughout the years they have been there.  Joy was there for seven years, and wants to get out.  Jack has been there his whole life, and he prefers to stay.  (SPOILERS) When they do get out, the film does not end there.  It continues on to the aftereffects for both characters.  Not going to spoil the rest, but it is a very bittersweet on how these two deal with what happened to them.  Go and watch it.  It certainly deserves the nomination of Best Picture.


Now that I watched all the Oscar-nominated films, I can now focus on who I want to win in this year’s Academy Awards.  Stick around, and wait for that next post…


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