Benz Eye View: Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt


1.) Some of the character, gods, and monster designs look kind of cool…

2.) MAYBE some of the actors did fine in their roles…

3.) A couple of funny moments (whether it is intentional or not is debatable)…



1.) The CG and green-screen effects are TERRIBLE.  They stand out like a sore throat (i.e. placing a god and a human together onscreen).  It would be fine on its own, but with real life people standing around them, they are in your face in a bad way.  They probably might as well make this a CG movie or video game instead of a live-action one.

2.) The story and plot is nonsensical.  The lore and world is confusing, there are lessons that contradicts itself, and it fails to invest me in any way possible.  It is really insulting when the movie says the character cannot do a certain thing, because they need something, and then they do it anyway despite not having it.

3.) The characters are very poorly developed.  Not only do they spout out cringe-worthy dialogue, but they are not interesting.  In fact, there are two characters that we are meant to care for, because they are lovers, but they are so bland that I did not care what happened (plus the actress playing the female lover kind of sucks).



This…is abysmal.  How can they make a movie like this?  It is terrible.  Other than what I just described, I cannot describe how bad it is.  It is so bad, it can be outright funny for some people.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those people.  All I am going to say is this: this movie is going to be buried into the sands of Egypt where it belongs.  Everyone should stay away from this movie.  If you want a laugh how bad it is, wait until it is released in Blu-Ray.  Until then, watch a much better film or laughably bad movie.



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