Benz Eye View: Zootopia



1.) As usual, Disney does a fantastic job with the animation.  The one thing that stands out is that every character in this film are anthropomorphic animals, making it harder for the animation team to draw/animate characters of different species and animals.  They managed to pull it off, and made each character distinct from one another.

2.) This film is a great analogy to the real world.  One thing that I like is that Judy Hopps dreams to become a police officer, and instead of the usual movie that shows the entire process of getting that dream, it only just shows a few minutes of it, and truly begins with her finally having that dream and her struggles in the real world; exactly what everyone goes through, making Zootopia’ struggles pretty much the same as our world’s struggles, particularly race and discrimination.

3.) There are plenty of funny jokes.  Considering that this a world filled with anthropomorphic animals, they make some clever real-world nods and quips.  I am surprised that some of them managed to be in the film.  If the characters were human, they would never get away with it, but since they are just animals, they can.



1.) I feel like the side characters are just animal cut-outs of stereotypical characters.  You have the mean police boss, the fat cop, the loving parents, the bullies, etc. except they have animal instincts.  It makes the world feel a bit two-dimensional.  Speaking of characters that are two-dimensional…

2.) …I felt that the villain is a last-minute addition.  There is a good reason why the villain exists, but maybe it is because it is probably either not developed enough, or…(the last con will explain this).  I felt the social issues in the film is much stronger than having this villain, but I somewhat see why it is needed.

3.) There are plenty of moments of the film where I thought, “I seen it before, and done a little better.”  Probably not a good sign if there is something in a movie that reminds me of a better movie.  Do not get me wrong, this film is great, but it is not perfect.  Some of its unoriginal moments make it pretty predictable.



Zootopia is an interesting film indeed.  On the surface, it looks like a movie about a bunch of animals living their lives as humans do.  Under the surface, it is a film that deals with social issues in the world.  That is pretty bold for a Disney film to work on, and I appreciate that it took the guts to tell its lesson.  However, the problem that I have with this is that it does not go too far.  I understand that since this is a family film that cannot go too far, it does manage to do well on its own.  The point I am trying to make is that there are films that discuss these social issues, and do it much better than this one (i.e. every film that involves racism and civil rights movements).  Still, this film is great and worth watching.  The children will enjoy the fluffy animal-looking characters, and adults will be pleased with the message that the film is putting in.



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