Benz Eye View: 10 Cloverfield Lane

10 Cloverfield Lane


1.) There are plenty of subtle thrills and suspense, and it is done very well.  You will often wonder, “Is it really safe around here?  You should I trust him?”  At one point, you are going to start to relax, then realize that something suspicious is going on around here.  Then, the third act begins, and everything changes.  Your heart will start pounding; concerned if these characters will actually survive.  Do they?  That would be spoiling it.

2.) Sound effects deserve some praise, because the sound seems to have a higher audio frequency.  Certain sounds I get (i.e. car crashes, guns), but other sounds (i.e. doors opening, breaking glass) are louder than usual.  It is pretty effective in terms of a thriller and suspense film.  May be distracting for some.

3.) John Goodman does a great job as this film’s character.  He does a great job playing a person that is very ambiguous; you do not know whether or not you should trust this guy.  He could be doing this, because he cares, but does not know how to express it right.  It is also possible that he may have something devious in the back of his mind, but he is taking his time.  That makes it a good character and performance.


1.) Mary Elizabeth Winstead did not deliver a great performance here.  She can pull a few certain emotions (i.e. afraid, happy), but she cannot exactly convince on a few more areas (i.e. sadness/crying, anything other than afraid).  In fact, in one certain moment that happens in the film that I am not going to spoil, she looks like she is taking it pretty well.

2.) The two major characters: Michelle and Emmett are not that interesting.  It does not mean they are unlikable, it is just that they are just pretty generic.  I may care a little bit throughout most of the film until the end of the second act is when I start to care for both of them even more (especially Michelle).

3.) This film can drag on for quite a while.  You are going to spend plenty of time with three characters in one area where they just wait for the damages to pass and disappear.  Besides the suspenseful parts, nothing really happens other than passable character development.



A spiritual successor to the 2008 movie Cloverfield (which I thought it was OK), this film intrigues me.  It is not because of the film itself, but how it was advertised, which there is a lack of it.  There were absolutely no news about it until a couple months ago when the trailer just sprang out of nowhere saying, “Hey.  This film is coming out in a couple of months.  Go watch it.”  I find it kind of odd, especially since 10 Cloverfield Lane has little to do with the 2008 movie Cloverfield.

Yeah, you are not going to see this monster pop out of nowhere.  Although, it might like to hunt the director now.  


Besides all of that, I thought this film was pretty good, especially since this is Dan Trachtenberg’s first directorial film debut.  This film has characters that may be a bit generic, they made it up with great thrills and suspense that make you question if the place is truly safe.  It puts you in Michelle’s position: can you trust Howard and Emmett on what they are saying?  If you want to know what happens to her, watch this film…if you dare.



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