Benz Eye View: Miracles from Heaven

Miracles from Heaven


1.) I like that this is Christian family taking care with one of their own who has long-term pain; leading to a crisis in faith.  There are moments when they question if God is there for them, and why is He not healing Anna.  Questions that are brought up well in this movie.

2.) Speaking of a Christian family, I do like the family dynamic.  I care for all the members of the family (some more than others since the movie spends more time with them) since they are very likable.  I was going to call them cliched and two-dimensional (especially the dad), but when the inciting incident occurs, they become a little more interesting.

3.) Arguably, the child actors did a much better job than some of the adult actors.  It is pretty impressive considering that the movie has some pretty good adult actors, and these child actors can actually spread some good emotions.  (MINOR SPOILERS) One great example is when the Anna expresses that she wants to die and go to heaven to her mom.  That is great acting, and a very good scene altogether.



1.) Unfortunately, since this is a Christian movie, it does end up being preachy.  *Sigh* Say it with me now, “If you want to spread a message in your movie, be subtle, not preachy.”  I am getting tired of seeing these movies that fail to do that.  If non-Christian movies do a better job, why can’t they do it?

2.) Some scenes are slow and unnecessary.  I think some of them are meant to show that Anna appreciates having a great time despite her illness, but a few of them is just fine, not a bunch more that is needed to fill up the time.  Angela (played by Queen Latifah) can be completely erased from the movie, and will not have any ramifications for the movie.

3.) The theme (or I argue themes) is sloppily executed.  I think it is talking about having faith in God despite the hard times.  That is fine, but the other themes just clutter the original intent.  Plus, some rewriting could have helped a bit.



Another Christian movie comes by, and it is based on true events.  I am not going to question whether the events are true or not (it is), but I will question about the quality of this movie.  Before I do, I will confess that I know that Christians do mean well.  They want to spread the gospel through stories or real life events in movies, and I really appreciate it.  However, just because they mean well, that does not mean they do well.  Honestly, in my head, I had a feeling that this movie is not going to be good just like any other Christian movie.  In my heart and soul, I hoped I was wrong.  Well, my head was right.  It is not terrible, but not incredible with its lackluster writing, but made it up with great acting and somewhat good charisma.  Once again, I can only recommend this to Christian audiences since it is clearly aimed for them.  However, I hope there is a Christian movie that I review that I can recommend to Christians and non-Christians alike (I think at one point I did, but realized it was not that great).  Until then, I will continue reviewing movies, even ones that have similar messages like Miracles from Heaven, but done better by a non-Christian (like a certain Marvel superhero TV series).



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