Benz Eye View: The Divergent Series: Allegiant

The Divergent Series: Allegiant


1.) Some of the actors did great for the most part.  The ones that deserve some attention are Shailene Woodley and Jeff Daniels.  These two managed to do well despite working some of the weaker cast members.  They are better when they are together.

2.) Unlike the last movie, this movie is just as immersive as the first movie.  When the main characters enter a new area, I started liking what they have: cool technology, weapons, drones, and many others.



1.) The CG does not look good for the most part.  The environmental CG is fine, but any other types just look like they belong in a PS3 game at best, and a PS2 game at worst.

2.) After the first act, Tris barely does anything for the rest of the movie.  All she does is being with David or Four, and the rest of the major characters (except one) do the rest of the dirty work.  By the time the third act starts, Tris finally does something after catching up, and learning the new ships and weapons despite never using it before.

3.) If you think about the events that happen in the movie, some of it does not make sense.  There are writing inconsistencies and errors that I noticed the first time, and figured out as I thought about the movie.  One example is that after realizing the truth, Tris said that David was never siding with the Allegiant, even though he told her earlier that he was siding with the factions.  It is called, “Pay Attention!”



Based on the last book of the Diveregent series, Allegiant is the first part of that book.  You read this right: it is the first part of the book.  The second part of the movie will be called Ascendant.  I assume they did that for marketing reasons.  At least it ends on a somewhat satisfying note.  Other than that complaint, I thought this movie is…all right.  It is leagues better than Insurgent, a movie that bored me.  However, it still has problems that I am willing to forgive, but I am pretty sure that others will not.  I will give this series a benefit of the doubt, and I will watch Ascendant when it comes out.  Until then, I am going to assume that the fans of the book will like it better than me.  If not, that might be a sign that you should not watch it.  As a person who did not read it, check it out if you have nothing else to watch.



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