Benz Eye View: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2


1.) The family dynamic is pretty strong here.  The big, fat, Greek family is back, and they are as charismatic as ever.  All the returning actors fit back into their roles easily, and it feels like they have not changed a bit (with a few exceptions).

2.) I like the theme that involves the different generations of family.  From the oldest to the youngest, I get what they are trying to talk about, and I appreciate what they are doing (I will explain more in the cons).

3.) The romantic chemistry between Toula and Ian, and Gus and Maria are well done.  I do not have much to add after that.  If you seen the first film, you will understand.



1.) Most of the jokes fall flat in this movie.  They give at best a few chuckles, but they are dry and a little too long despite the actors’ best attempts.

2.) I get what they are trying to do, but most of the subplots have very little point in them.  In fact, I argue they get in the way of the two main plot lines: the marriage between Gus and Maria, and the relationship between Toula and Paris.  In fact, it feels like the plots of the movie does not feel like they a couple of big problems, more like nuisances considering how they are handled.

3.) There are some new characters in the movie do not feel that consequential or important.  One example is that I feel like Paris has potential, but how she was handled makes me feel like she should have been an extra at best.  A couple of the old characters have something new revealed in this movie, but it is only mentioned a few times, and does not really fit for the theme that the movie is aiming.



I love the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Not only was it funny, but it is also very relatable for people who have families like Toula does.  In fact, a Greek friend of mine loves that film so much, because he told me that is exactly what the Greek family is like.  With news of the sequel, I was excited.  Now that I watched it, I…did not think it is a good movie.  In fact, I think it is a bad one.  However, it is one of those movies that I can see that they put their hearts into it even though they did not deliver it well.  There are plenty of movies like that; one big example that came to my head is Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.  I will end this by saying do not expect it to be better than the first one, but instead see it as something that did its best to become a good movie despite its huge glaring flaws.  Look at this way, at least it is better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Yes, I still hate that movie, and it still ticks me off every time I think about it.



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