Benz Eye View: Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry


1.) Since the entire movie takes on a first-person perspective, the cinematography is important, which they did is an excellent job.  You get the feeling that you are in Henry’s shoes: following what he is going through in each action and quiet scenes.  Even Henry has some characterization moments (other than shooting people) through simple camera and hand movements that are subtle enough to show that he is not some blank slate.

2.) As the title implies, there are many hardcore action moments.  Many are especially violent and awesome, it gives a similar feel like you are in a first-person video game that came to life.



1.) I get why they have to do it, but the cuts are distracting.  It kind of takes away the immersion of being in the same shoes as Henry.  There is a reason why the filmmakers did it, but it is still distracting nonetheless.

2.) Since the cinematography relies on a first-person perspective, the action scenes can be claustrophobic and nauseating at times.  If you are one of those people who have motion-sickness, it is best you stay away from this movie, because there are many moments where the camera has to shake in conjunction with Henry’s movements.

3.) Even though this is ridiculous movie as it is, there are times when the ridiculousness goes a bit over the top.  It is best if you just see it then you will understand.



Did you guys ever watched a movie called Doom?  A movie based on a popular first-person shooting game?  Yeah, it is bad.  However, the one thing that stood out from that movie was the first-person shooting scene.  Hardcore Henry reminds me of that, except it is now turned into a movie.  It is a pretty cliched action movie, but it is awesome.  The cinematography is what sold me into this movie: it is what helped me immerse into what is happening since it makes me feel like I am part of what is happening.  It is also embraces that many of its moments are ridiculous.  Unless you have motion sickness and cannot handle extreme violence, go and watch this movie.  Do not expect it to be a story masterpiece, just a hardcore, action-packed movie with awesome first-person cinematography.



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