Benz Eye View: The Jungle Book (2016)

The Jungle Book (2016)


1.) The animal CG effects look great.  It bothered me at first to have these animals talk, but I got used to them, because of the facial expressions and body movements that the animators created in order to make them life-like.  It looks like they are actually standing next to a real-life child actor.

2.) The few changes from the original (as far as I can remember) make this movie better.  It makes the movie more exciting, interesting, and amusing than the original animated movie.

3.) On its own, the environments look amazing.  With the CG animals, it looks this movie belongs in a CG movie…



1.) …However, it kind ruins its immersion when a real-life child actor is in those specific environments.  You can tell it is a green screen effect when Mowgli is in it.  If it is an actual environment, it is fine.  If it is a green screen environment, it is pretty glaring (with nighttime environments as an exception).

2.) The child action, Neel Sethi is a hit-or-miss for me.  There are times that he can make a convincing performance, but there are also moments that looks like he is trying, but he cannot deliver.  I hope he gets better as he progresses, because I can see some potential in him.

3.) Shere Khan is kind of an idiot.  He can be intimidating if he wants to be, but he is barely in the movie at all (in the animated version, he does not come in until close to the third act).  Not going to spoil what he has been doing, but let’s just say that Scar did a better job with his time than Khan did.



The Jungle Book (2016) is based on the animated movie of the same name back in 1967 which is based on a book in 1894.  I want to be clear: I am not a fan of the original animated movie.  I thought it was boring, uninteresting, dull, and I did not like Mowgli at all.  Even as a child, I very rarely watch that movie since I was more of a fan of other Disney films like The Little Mermaid, Beauty of the Beast, Aladdin, The Great Mouse Detective, etc.  Coming into the live action version, I had very low expectations.  All I can say is this: if you love the original animated movie, you will love this movie.  They improved on a few things from the original, and made it a pretty good movie as a result.  For me, I acknowledge that it is good, but just like the animated movie, this live-action version is just not for me.


I just realized something: since they are planning to make live-action remakes of Disney classics, I get the feeling that in twenty years, they are going to make a live-action version of Frozen.


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