Benz Eye View: The Huntsman: Winter’s War

The Huntsman: Winter’s War


1.) Charlize Theron is the best actress out of every single actor in the movie.  While the other actors did well (except Jessica Chastain), Charlize beats them with a demeaning, elegant, intimidating performance despite (SPOILERS) being around for only forty minutes in an hour and fifty-four minute movie (END SPOILERS).

2.) The third act is the best part of the movie, because the stakes are high, you actually care for the characters a little bit (more on that later), and the action scenes are executed better than any of the action scenes in this movie.

3.) Even though it is not that well-delivered, I admire that they have SOME comedy in it.  The interactions between Eric and the dwarves not only bring some relief and laughter, but also some characterization and humanity that make these characters alive…



1.) …The reason why I said that is because the drama and romance is completely dull and boring.  The main reason why is that this movie is predictable.  Here is one example: the two male dwarves meet two female dwarves, and they join together in their quest despite the fact they hate each other.  Guess what happens between these two couples in the end?  Also, the romance between Eric and Sara?  Worst.  Romantic.  Chemistry.  Ever.

2.) With the exception of the creature effects (especially when they are on their own), the CG just sucks.  Maybe I might be a bit more forgiving in the ice and gold/black goo effects, but after reviewing The Jungle Book (2016), I expected better CG.

3.) The script is filled with plot holes, and moments that does not make any sense.  Characters that are just extras at best later become important in the end for no good reason, moments that are probably better explained in the first movie, logical fallacies, and many more just drag this movie down.



A continuation of Snow White and the Huntsmen, this movie is a prequel/sequel that explores a little bit more about Eric, and his encounter with the Snow Queen.  I am going to warn you now that despite the marketing showing that this a prequel, it is actually a prequel and a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsmen.  You should know that if you are planning to watch this movie.  With that said, I found this movie to be really dull.  I barely cared what is happening, nor was I really impressed with many of the performances and production executions (with the exception of Charlize Theron).  It probably did not help that I did not see the first movie, so maybe it is better if I did, but I doubt it.  From what the movie has shown and delivered, many things reminded me of other movies or media (i.e. Frozen, Halo: Fall of Reach, Thor, etc.).

Tell me this does not look the ice castle from Frozen.  Please, tell me.  

In the end, even the magic mirror will tell you that Frozen is the better film of them all.



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