Benz Eye View: Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank


1.) The CG animation looks great.  The movie makes the video game characters look like they just came to life on the movie screen.  It also makes sense that this movie should be in CG animation, not a live action version (which will obviously never work).  It also gives a sense that this is a different world than any other movies that take place either on Earth or a certain new world.

2.) Clank is cool…I will explain more later.

3.) It is kind of nice that the movie made some Playstation games references.  For anyone who is a fan of certain Playstation games, I will not spoil what they are, but pretty good addition that does not interfere with the plot…



1.) …Speaking of the plot, let me make a checklist here: The main character dreams of being famous one day?  Check.  A major character that is much more likable than the main character?  Check.  A two-dimensional villain that does things, because he is the villain?  Check.  A Nefarious villain that works behind-the-scenes?  Check.  Combine all of that to make a pretty predictable plot that has been done better in other movies?  Check, check, and check again.

2.) Very few of the gags and jokes are funny.  The ones that are funny are a little clever, but the ones that are not will probably only satisfy young children (to be fair, I did hear some laughter by the very few adults that were in the movie theater that I was in).

3.) This all leads to the biggest problem I noticed in the movie: the pacing.  The movie goes by too quickly.  It paces over many character motivations/backgrounds, action scenes, certain gags, and many others.  As a result, the movie suffers.  I barely get to know the characters, resulting in them being cliches, stereotypes, or two-dimensional.  The action scenes do not give much impact.  The gags become a little awkward as it rushes to something else.  The movie barely takes time to slow down, and gives a breather.  Take your time.



Based on a popular video game series, Ratchet & Clank is a movie that has plenty of potential.  For one, it is a prequel to the video game series, or more specifically, it takes place on the first game.  Since I never played any of these games, this helps me get into it.  Now that I finally watched it, I feel like there are some things that are better explained in the video games.  Not only that, this movie is not good.  It pains me, because I can see potential of being one of the first movies based on a video game that is actually good (besides Mortal Kombat).  Unfortunately, they screwed it up.  Ironically, I heard that the game based on this movie based on the game series (wrap your head on that) is actually pretty good.

Pretty ironic if you think about the history of video games based on movies.

I do not recommend this for casual viewers and fans of the video game series.  Wait until the Assassin’s Creed or Warcraft movies come out (notice I did not say The Angry Birds Movie). Maybe it will be better than this.   Until then, play your Ratchet & Clank games, because this movie will not fix this movie-video game problem.



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