Benz Eye View: Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War


1.) The story is simply mind-provoking.  It has interesting morale and political dilemmas that affects all the main and major characters in this film (especially Captain America and Iron Man).  This is something I hoped they do well since this is a dilemma that should not be taken lightly, and they did.

2.) The new characters that are introduced (particularly Black Panther and Spider-Man) are awesome.  While Black Panther is in it more than Spider-Man, the filmmakers did not waste any time using them, and they spend it well.

3.) The action scenes are glorious and fun.  The biggest action scene that deserves mention is the airport fight scene.  Not going to say much, but it is the point where all the wait of these superheroes to fight each other is worth it…


1.) …Until then, the action scenes that lead up to the airport fight scene suffer with shaky cam.  It gets really annoying, but it does get better as the film progresses.

2.) The CG is not that bad, but it is pretty obvious.  Good examples are Spider-Man and the Vision.  You will know when you see it.

3.) Honestly, this should have been called Avengers: Civil War, because there are so many characters to follow in this film.  It is true that you mainly follow Captain America (and Iron Man), but if you have not been catching up with the other MCU movies, then you will be lost on who these characters are, and some of the backgrounds they mention.



The start of the MCU Phase 3, this is one film I was hoping to see.  The Captain America films were great, especially since I consider Captain America: The Winter Soldier to be the best of the MCU films.  After seeing this film, Captain America: Civil War is now my favorite MCU film.  Many of the past MCU films culminate into this film, and it asks the question: should superheroes be controlled by the government?  While I will leave it to you to form your opinions on this subject, this film does a fantastic job showing both sides of the argument.  While the film does not reach the same dynamic level as the Civil War comic series did, I still like what they did here.  It is true that I voiced that the MCU should stop at some point, but if they are willing to make great films like this one, I am willing to let it pass.  Go watch it, true believers and Marvel fans!




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