Benz Eye View: The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie


1.) The animation looks great.  It is pretty much in a similar level as any 3D Disney film.  A good example is the birds with their feathers having substances, making it seem alive.

2.) The main character, Red fits well in a world with a bunch of happy-go-lucky, nonsensical, annoying birds.  He can be pretty funny when he deals how much he hates where he is living…



1.) …However, when the pigs finally arrive, Red ends up being a little annoying.  You will start to get tired of his attitude despite understanding why he is like that, and his justified suspicion with the pigs.

2.) Many of the jokes kind of fall flat in this movie.  Although, it is not the flat jokes that bother me.  It is the many sexual/adult jokes that occur occasionally.  They are not exactly subtle, nor is it the best way to place adult jokes in a family movie.  The best examples of subtle adult jokes in family movies in the top of my head are Toy Story and Frozen; look it up.

3.) The final act has a huge action scene that is paced way too fast.  It feels like it is rushing into one cool action scene after another, and it feels like they are trying to be like The Avengers.  In fact, I think a couple of those scenes are copying certain moments in The Avengers (and even X-Men: Days of Future Past).



I want to get this off of my chest: whose idea is it to make movie about the Angry Birds video games?  There is absolutely no story in those games.  They are about a bunch birds being thrown from a slingshot, and crash into pigs and towers.  That is it.  How do you make a movie about that?  I expected this movie to suck.  After watching it, it is surprisingly OK.  It is not the best movie ever, but it is OK.  I can say it is aimed more towards children (and maybe hardcore Angry Birds fans) than adults (although the adult jokes may not exactly make this statement true).  If you have nothing else to watch, go see Zootopia.  Or this movie, if your children wants to watch something else.



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