Benz Eye View: The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys


1.) The main three leads actually work well with each other despite the fact that they are complete opposites.  Yes, I did type three.  Not just Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, but also Angourie Rice as Holly March, the daughter of Holland March (played by Ryan Gosling).  Those three made the movie for me.

2.) Since this is a movie that takes place in the 70s, it has the atmosphere of the 70s.  The music, the clothing, the mood, the people, the city of Los Angeles, and many more just shows off how 70s it is.



1.) This movie is much slower than I thought.  I understand since this is a mystery, but I feel like this is not paced well enough to get my attention.

2.) Speaking of mystery, I honestly barely care on what is happening.  Maybe for some people it is good, but I can think of better mysteries than this movie (i.e. Sherlock Holmes, Prisoners, The Usual Suspect, Seven, etc.).  I did not find it interesting at all.

3.) Personally, I am NOT a fan of movies dealing with the adult entertainment industry UNLESS it is done well.  Unfortunately for me, this is not one of them.  Even though they do have an excuse for it, I still did not find it appealing, especially with the lack of me caring about the mystery.



Oh, boy.  You probably are getting the idea from this review that I do not like this movie despite the fact that other reviewers and critics love it.  Well, I am not going to say that it is a bad movie.  It is a movie that has some potential, but I did not think it delivered well than what other people say.  Honestly, the best parts are revealed in the trailers:

I probably expected too much.  If you love this movie, good for you.  I did not.  However, I can acknowledge that there are some good things about it (particularly, the three main leads).  I will give this movie some slack, and give it this score:


I just wish this movie is better than I wanted it to be in the end.  Apologies to anyone who loves it more than I do.


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