Benz Eye View: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass


1.) If you did not like the deadpanned Alice in the last movie, I am happy to say Alice has more personality in this movie at the very least.  Instead of having dull surprise, she actually expresses amazement in areas she has never seen before (even if it is a bit exaggerated).

2.) The character, creature, costume, and environment designs are imaginative.  They do look like something that does not belong in our world, and instead fits in Wonderland.

3.) It is a little clever how they show the difference between our world and Wonderland through the image.  Our world has a mixture of light and darkness, while Wonderland has a combination of bright and shady colors.  Good image symbolism.



1.) Alice should really stop mentioning many of the plot points that are occurring right in front of her.  We are not stupid, so please stop, because it is very annoying.

2.) The green screen effects are REALLY obvious.  The live-action movie might as well be a CG movie, because it looks great on its own.  With live actors right up front, it kind of ruins the immersion like a friend standing in front of the TV while you are playing a PS4 game.

3.) Many moments that happen are due to the characters’ idiocy, the story’s convenience, and dumb plot points.  In fact, one moment could have prevented the entire Alice in Wonderland series that character did not do what she did (however, I am willing to forgive it a little).  Also, since this is a time traveling movie, their explanation on time should be like this:



The animated Alice in Wonderland may not be one of my favorite Disney movies ever, but I do appreciate many things that come from the movie.  With the live-action remake made a few years ago, I felt everything I appreciated from the animated version did not appear in the live-action one, and replaced with dullness and gloom.  With the sequel now released, they have slightly learned their lesson from the original, but it is not enough to stop it from being dull.  There are few moments that are well done, and you probably have to hold your suspension of disbelief on some of the characters’ dumbness.  Correct me if I am wrong, but I also heard that it did not even follow the book that it was based on.  To finish this all off, this movie is slightly better than the last, but hardly a masterpiece.



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