Benz Eye View: Me Before You

Me Before You


1.) When it comes to romantic films, they better do a great job to make me like the two main leads.  Fortunately, they did.  You understand what these two (and other characters) went through, and why they act the way they do.  Easy-to-follow characters are great-written characters…

2.) …Speaking of characters, the two main leads have fantastic romantic chemistry.  It is all thanks to the actors: Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin as Louisa Clark and Will Traynor.  These two play each other like good friends.  It starts off as bitter work partners (so-to-speak), to friends, to lovers.  Also, they both act very well (except Emilia Clarke in a crying scene).


Pro & Con:

I know this is strange, but hear me out.  However, I like to discuss its theme that contains slight spoilers for the film, so you have been warned.


This film’s theme talks about euthanasia: assisted suicide.  I admire that it wants to talk about it, but it will no doubt cause controversy.  Some critics say that the film handled it poorly.  If you want to talk about a sensitive ethical matter in a movie, you have to do it right.  For me, there are things that work, and there are things that did not.  I will not discuss it here, and I will leave it to you to think about it if you see it.  Overall, it meant well, but the film needs to do it a bit better than what it did.




1.) This is more towards me than anyone, but due to the thick British accents, I can barely understand what the characters are saying.  I apologize to anyone if this seems a bit offensive.

2.) The only character that I think is not only necessary, but also a two-dimensional character, is Louisa’s boyfriend, Patrick.  Makes you wonder: How in the world did Louisa end up with this guy?  He may not be one of those jerk boyfriends (he is an unintentional jerk that puts his goals first over his girlfriend), but the movie may be a bit better without him, and no one would notice.



Me Before You is another romantic film that came out that is based a book by Jojo Moyes (who also wrote the screenplay for this film).  It is a film I surprisingly like.  However, the one thing that is a BIG deciding point for everyone is its handling of its theme.  For casual viewers, they may not care (unless they actually do have a problem with it).  For film people like me, they will debate on its proper use.  For the fans of the book, they will be satisfied on how it is presented on-screen (from what I have heard).  Keeping this in mind, the film may not gratify everyone.  If you ignore it, this is a great light-hearted romantic film, and I recommend it to anyone who is into romance.  Just keep in mind about its theme; it may influence what you think of this film in the end.



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