Benz Eye View: Warcraft



1.) The CG and green screen effects are phenomenal.  These are by far the best-looking visual effects I have ever seen in a movie.  It may stand out a little when live actors are in it, but it does not stop the fact that the animation team and graphical artists spend so much time to perfect this.  It even matches the cinematic video game trailers.  Bravo, Blizzard.  Bravo.

2.) I enjoy the great artistic environments, costumes, and production designs (the few of them that are around).  You can certainly buy that this another world that is inspired by medieval tales.  Creativity is certainly in the minds of the makers of this movie.  It certainly helps since this is a movie based on a video game series, so all those ideas come from them.

3.) The fight scenes are massive as it is painful.  The sound team emphasized well enough to show how painful these orcs can deal with humans.  Not only that, it feels like an epic movie with its big armies and battles.  If you want a war movie, this is it.



1.) Considering I never played any of the Warcraft games, I feel like the lore of this world is not explained enough.  There are moments that I did not understand why these characters have to commit their actions, or why their race/culture believe in those things.  Probably crammed in too much World of Warcraft lore in the movie, or the writing is not really good.

2.) The characters are not boring, but they are not interesting.  You got the knight protagonist, the rookie mage (who is my favorite), the master wizard, the king that cares for his people, the honorable orc, and that is it.  Very few moments where they are actually get a bit interesting due to their character interactions, but it is not enough to save them from being a bit bland and two-dimensional…

3.) …It probably does not help that the actors are not giving their all in their performances (especially the live actors).  I get the feeling that they are trying to (since I feel these actors have potential), but they cannot seem to be, because the director is telling them to act in a poor performance.  I guess I will blame the director for the actors’ performances.



We have another movie based on a video game series.  I admire that they are now trying this out again after so many failures.  Warcraft is a movie based on the popular World of Warcraft video game series.  I have never played any of them (mainly because I do not have time to play the series for several thousand hours), but I have seen their cinematic trailers, and they are awesome.

Or my personal favorite…

From the trailers alone, I can sense potential of a movie.  From what they deliver, it is at least a spark.  It is one of the better video game movies, but it is not the best movie ever.  I see potential, but with the people they got, they did a serviceable job (although the visual effects team did a fantastic job, and deserve to make more movies like what they did).  This will satisfy the Warcraft fans (I hope), while intriguing the non-fans.  All it needs to do is to improve the writing, characters, and directing, and you may get a great movie based on a video game.  Let’s see if Assassin’s Creed will actually be good.



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