Benz Eye View: Finding Dory

Finding Dory


1.) The animation is so much better than its predecessor.  While Finding Nemo was a great film animation-wise, you can see its age just a bit.  Its sequel has its animation improved from the last to the point when the fishes come out of the water, they look real.

2.) Dory gets much more interesting in this movie.  While she was a great side-comedic character in the previous film, she gets more in-depth characterization.  Also, her determination to find her family despite her severe weakness makes you appreciate her even more.

3.) The third act…You will get it when you see it.



1.) Marlin and Nemo’s side story is pretty weak.  They do have a reason to be with Dory, but when they end up getting separated and have to find her, it gets a little boring.  In certain moments, Marlin gets annoying, but they pass by pretty quickly.

2.) There are jokes and certain characters that go on screen for a bit too long.  The jokes can be funny, but even the main characters express how this goes on for a little too long.  As for certain characters, I will say that some are more interesting than others.

3.) There are some scenes that they clearly got the idea from Finding Nemo, but not as well executed.  One example is that the squid chase seems eerily similar to the angler-fish chase from the previous film.  There are not that many scenes, but it is kind of noticeable if you are looking for them.



Finding Nemo is an amazing film about family and handling the dangers in the world.  There was not much potential of a sequel, but Pixar did it anyway…and it is good.  It is not as good as the last one, but it is a good sequel.  Actually, it is better if I call it a good side-story.  The reason I say that is because its theme on family is not as strong here, and the feeling of danger is slightly non-existent.  Still, I did like it overall.  If you love Finding Nemo and Dory as a character, you will definitely like this.


As for the Disney/Pixar short: Piper, I have one word to describe it: cute.


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