Benz Eye View: Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence


1.) Even though some of it overstay their welcome, some of the jokes are pretty funny.  The best ones are in the last half of the movie, so prepare to have some laughs (unless if you are not a huge fan of mugging, which is not that bad).

2.) I like how they establish how the two main leads are so different from each other.  The most apparent is how they started in high school, and what they ended up twenty years later.  One was very popular and ends up with an unsatisfying job, while the other is a nobody who became somebody.  I really like the character establishment…

3.) …Speaking of characters, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson work well as comedic/buddy actors.  They pull of a great chemistry of two old schoolmates that only met for a bit, but one made a huge impact towards the other.  I like to see these two again as comedic duos…

Kind of reminds me of another comedic duo.



1.) …However, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are not that great when they have to do some serious acting.  Technically, Kevin Hart can pull it off a little, but Dwayne cannot do it.  It looks like he is forcing himself to be serious instead of actually being one.  Looks like he needs a little more acting lessons.

2.) If you are looking to get into the action at the beginning of the movie, you are in for a little wait.  With one small exception, it takes a while for the actual action to begin.  They spend some time establishing Kevin and Dwayne’s characters’ lives before actually revealing that Dwayne is in the CIA, and starts the action.  Be a bit patient.

3.) I did notice some glaring plot holes and logical inconsistencies.  It is not bad enough to make the movie terrible, but it is bad enough to make you question how in the world that would work when it should not.



I really do not have much to say.  It is OK.  Sorry that I cannot provide much on what I thought of this movie.  It is probably going to be one of those movies that provides some laughs, and not much else.  If you are in a mood for some comedy, this will certainly do for now.  Or go watch Finding Dory.



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