Benz Eye View: Independence Day: Resurgence

Independence Day: Resurgence


1.) The movie has the same dread feeling as the last one when it comes to the alien attack.  You get this horrifying feeling that despite Earth managing to have advance technology, the aliens learned their lessons from the last movie, and still managed to overpower them.

2.) There are some pretty good battle scenes.  It may not be as refined as the last movie, but it does have some thrills when the humans fight back against the alien threat despite the odds.

3.) It is good to see some the old cast and characters from the last movie even if some of them have their roles reduced for the new characters (except Will Smith is not in it anymore)…



1.) …Which leads to one of the big problems of this movie: there are WAY TOO MANY characters to follow.  Not only do we have to follow the old characters, but the new ones as well.  They even introduce some new characters halfway into the movie, and they have very little to do.  There were many characters in the last one, but not in the same level as this movie.  You want to know what is a bad sign that I cannot follow all of these characters?  I do not even remember their names.

2.) Another BIG problem is their exposition.  It has the tendency to explain so much what happens while also not explaining enough.  Meaning, they explain too much on what has happened in-between movies and the new characters while also not explaining certain things that may be important.  One example: where is Constance Spano?

Constance Spano, or David Levinson’s love interest from the last movie.

I looked it up, and it is said that she died in a car accident.  If they did mention it, I either missed it or did not care.

3.) The LAST problem is the pacing.  The movie goes by way too quickly to get into one action scene/emotional moment/plot point after the other.  It barely has time to flesh out characters and moments that the last movie did.  Specifically, the last movie’s time span was three days (July 2-4).  This movie’s time span goes on for a few hours.  Not enough time to know what is happening and learning the new characters if the movie wants to move in a really fast pace.



The last Independence Day movie was a stupid movie that I enjoyed despite its glaring flaws.  The things that they got wrong was made up with the many things they got right.  It took its time to focus on the human elements, it gave the feeling of dread that the aliens might actually destroy Earth, it showed that there is still hope despite the huge losses, and it prevailed with overwhelming satisfaction of victory over the enemy.  It was a fun movie.  The sequel tried to have those elements, but failed miserably.  The human elements are not there due to the lack of time spent or the fact you may not like some of them, the dread was still around to a certain degree, there is some hope due to plot convenience, and the victory of the enemy is not as satisfying (especially when they are sequel-baiting).  This is not a worthy sequel, and not worth the time for you to watch.  Skip this movie, and watch the original instead.



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