Benz Eye View: The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan


1.) The characters in this movie have some charming personality and charisma.  I was worried that this movie may be completely brooding, but it shows that these characters can show their other sides of themselves, because they do not have to be two-dimensional, even Tarzan.

2.) All the actors did well in their parts.  The reasons are the same as the last pro.

3.) You get the pretty clear motivations for certain characters since they spend a good enough time showing them.  They even have flashbacks explaining certain moments that happened before the events of the movie…



1.) …However, these flashbacks can be a bit irritating, and it distracts the flow of the movie.  Even if you forgive that, there are a couple of plot holes that the movie does not explain, and did not even bother showing in flashbacks.

2.) The action cinematography is shaky and unfocused.  Maybe it is not helped by the fact I have to sit in the front row of the theater, but it seems like the editing and camerawork are moving a bit too fast to process what is happening.  Combine with lackluster CG (with the somewhat exception with the animals), and you have a movie that is not exactly ugly, but not pretty either.

3.) As funny and great he is, Samuel L. Jackson is just playing himself most of the time.  The one thing that bothers me is that he spouts dialogue that I am willing to bet that it does not belong in the timeline this movie takes place.



Tarzan.  A popular fictional character that has been around for over 100 years.  The character has several movies going with him; even Disney made one (as of this movie, there are a total of fifty-three Tarzan movies).  With this new iteration of Tarzan, it does fine enough to make this character and its creators proud.  The movie is a good enough to catch your attention and money, but there are times that this movie needs to improve.  If you want a live-action Tarzan movie that is around your corner, this will do.  However, I feel like that Disney’s Tarzan is a better version of the character (at least, the one I have seen so far).  Still, it is cool enough to see, and I do recommend watching it for anyone.



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