Benz Eye View: The BFG



1.) You certainly get a sense of scale in this movie.  You buy that these giants are indeed bigger than us (probably gets better in 3D), and it makes you feel like an ant in comparison.  Kind of reminds me of Ant-Man (maybe they should have a mini-crossover).

2.) The technical stuff in this movie is impressive, and has the great Steven Spielberg-style of directing.  The cinematography and designs deserve the most attention since they are what holds this movie (such as certain long-shot moments and pretty environments)…

3.) …Also, the visual effects deserve the praise as well.  The characters are life-like, the environments are spectacular (especially the dream tree), and the visuals are marvelous.  On its own, it would make a fantastic CG movie…



1.) …That being said, when the CG is paired up with live actors, it is obvious that they are in front of a green-screen.  At times, it looks painfully obvious to the point that you wonder, “How did they not notice that?”  The two do not blend in well, and they certainly needed to work on that.

2.) The main child actress, Ruby Barnhill is a hit-and-miss for me.  There are times that she did fine, but she has done a sloppy job in her acting; not exactly giving off that many emotions other than surprise.  I can tell that she is trying, but she needs to work on it a little more.

3.) There is something that happens in the third act that surprised me, and not in a good way.  I am not going to spoil it, but it feels really odd that they would actually go there.  Plus, the pacing has its problems (since barely anything is happening), but it becomes apparently slow when this certain thing happens.  It goes on for way too long, and other than plot progression that should have been done by having the character saying the line and move on, its purpose is a long-pacing lame fart gag.



Based on the popular weapon in a popular first-person shooter video game-Er…I mean, based on a popular children’s book in 1982, The BFG is directed the great Steven Spielberg, and it is one of the very few reasons why I would actually watch this movie (that, and I wanted to make a Doom joke).  I would describe this movie as technically amazing, but with a boring narrative.  It is very sad for me to say that, because this is Steven Spielberg that directed this movie (especially since his last film, Bridge of Spies, is fantastic).  With him working with Disney, this should have been a match made in heaven.  Unfortunately, it did not.  Other than the technical stuff and animations, there is nothing worth watching here.  The only way for this movie to get better is if they brought the actual BFG from Doom.

Let’s see if the giants handle this!



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